Beads & Fittings

Viola wide variety of beads, bonds, rings, threads, tape, etc. Everything needed for each different type of hair extensions method.
Nano tip, I-tip, Stick tip, Tiny I-tip, U-tip, Tape-in, Weave and Eaziweave.

Application Tools

At Viola, we have different application tools to suit a wide variety of extension methods but also for various application styles.
There are colour jewel threaders in a wide range of colours, hook tools, multipurpose loops, etc.


Our pliers are designed for hair stylist in mind, we know that you need your equipment to be reliable, comfortable and long-lasting.
With our huge selection of pliers for applying, maintenance and removal of hair extensions, it’s easy to find the correct equipment for each method.

Brushes & Combs

For your extensions to maintain their excellent condition, make sure you use the correct hair extension brush.
We have a massive selection of brushes and combs that are perfect for application and everyday use.

Hairdressing Accessories

All the essentials all in one place; scissors, gowns, clips, snap clips, etc.


Viola’s range of heat fusion has been designed and created especially for the application of hair extensions.
As well as electrical application tools we also have amazingly affordable straighteners and curlers.