Hair Extensions Ultra Hold Tape Tabs


Viola Hair Extensions has a wide range of tools and equipment to suit every stylist, Extensionist and hairdresser making it easy to order everything you need from our online store. This includes the best hair extensions tape tabs, you do not have to worry about the hair sliding out with our excellent ultra-hold tape tabs. All Viola tapes are kept in a sealed dark place to ensuring that they arrive super sticky and ready for fitting tape-in hair extensions.

Viola Ultra tape in can be used along with other tapes such as the one-sided tape for hair extensions, great for client’s with fine hair.

Essential Tools

For any tape-in hair extensions fitting and maintenance you will need the following tools for a strong hold. Viola tape-in hair extensions, extension tape tabs, pintail comb, shark clips, tape-in pliers and tape bond remover.

Before fitting either first time or at a maintenance it is important that the client’s hair and extensions are clean and has been washed with clarifying shampoo also no conditioner has been added to the roots of the hair, this can cause the tapes tabs to slip. Add the tape tabs to the top of the tape weft, simply peel away the white strip and sandwich the client’s hair between two tape-in extensions. Secure the tapes with viola tape-in pliers and can also be sealed with a low heat straighteners, but it may not always be necessary.



Weakest (0) to Strongest (10)



Highest residue (0) to Lowest residue (10)

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4CM X 0.8CM (1.6" X 0.32")


Store below 32C & avoid storing in direct sunlight.

Test on small area before use, keep out of reach of children, external use only, avoid eye contact.

For use
  • Can be used when applying and re applying Viola Hair Extensions Tape-in as well as Viola Secret Tape-in Hair Extensions.
  • For the best results wash hair with Clarifying shampoo first.
  • Do not wash hair for at least 48 hours after fitting.
  • Never add conditioner to the roots as it can cause the bonds to slip.
  • Avoid touching the tape tabs as much as possible.
  • Never leave tape tabs in direct sunlight or outside of its packaging as this can cause the tapes to dry out.
  • Low heat can be added to the tapes.
  • The tapes tabs will last for 4-6 weeks or even more however this all depends on installation and care.

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