Professional Hair Extensions

Viola offers luxurious hair of the highest quality, in rich and vibrant colours. With Remy, the cuticles are kept intact. Each strand is collected to maintain the natural alignment of the hair’s growth, meaning the hair is tangle free and full of life.

Hair Extensions to choose from Nano tip, I-tip, Tiny tip, U-tip, Weft, Eaziweave and Tape-In.

Hair Care

Our 190 days quality guarantee coincides with the use of Viola vast range of aftercare products.
Each product has been specially formulated for prolonging the life of your hair extensions as they coat, seal helps restore and add shine back to your extensions.
With the correct aftercare, your hair will stay looking luxurious for even longer than 190 days!

Our products are never tested on animals.


Viola has a wide assortment of equipment for hair extensions, specially made for applying, maintaining and removal.
With everything from pliers to beads, application threaders to brushes, heat fusion to clips the list goes on and on.
Our aim is to make browsing and picking as easy as possible.

Training Essentials

When starting out you need to make sure you have the right kit.
At Viola we have made it easy with our training kits you will have everything you need. Training heads, hair and starter kits for each method.


Change your look and style instantly with a glamorous Viola Human Hair Wig.

With a choice of lace front or full lace, for a seamless natural fit so no one will know. Available in a variety of lengths and colours.

Never have a bad hair day again!

Hair Pieces

If you’re after something a little less permanent possibly for an event or try before getting hair extensions fitted, clip-ins are perfect.
Easy to take in and out, for every day or just for special occasions, clip-in extensions will give you length and volume.

Marketing Material

To help promote your business we have put together some marketing material in the form of Posters, window stickers and backdrops to add a stylish and profession Edge to your salon.
Essential tools to help advertise Extensions and your partnership with Viola, working together to build the brand and help bring new business and achieve higher sales.


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