10 Summer Hair Trends 2021

The trendy hairstyles for fall/winter 2020/2021 are those that are very natural and not too heavily styled. This season sees a return to the relaxed 70s and sensual 90s hairstyles. 

The new fashionable hair styles for fall/winter 2020/2021 are short cuts up to the ears, sexy bangs and perfectly styled partings. Richly ornamented Alice bands are back in fashion again and are now worn from morning till night.

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The new hairstyle of 2020/2021 is the one reaching just behind the ear and up to the chin line. A short haircut works like Botox on the skin. A short cut also allows you to style your hair in no time at all. Five minutes are enough to quickly straighten strands of hair, curl some hair, use a diffuser to tousle it or apply hair gel to it. 

The cut should be straight, with only a slight slicking down at the ends. You may wear this hairstyle with the hair parted in the middle or with all your hair to one side. This length looks great with slightly tousled hair. Apply sea salt to your hair and run your fingers through it. 

Shading and the 1960s 

In 2020 we were betting on a simple, almost geometric cut, which next season will be replaced by shading and layering on the hair. The transitions between successive strands should be gentle and smooth, so that the graduation on the hair is practically unnoticeable. Well done layering makes the hair more bouncy and manageable. This cut works especially well on thick, heavy hair to give it a lightweight effect. Layering looks good on straight or curly hair and can make wavy or kinky hair more manageable. If you have fine strands of hair, stick to the straight cut for more volume. 

Very popular in the 1960s, the pixie cut is back next season. This style consists of a short side and back section with a slightly longer front section, often in the form of a fringe. Celebrities like Charlize Theron and Miley Cyrus now embrace the daring yet in-your-face style of the pixie cut. Short hair exposes the face and therefore looks best on women with regular facial features regardless of the shape of their face. Short hair therefore looks best on women with regular facial features irrespective of their face shape. Short hair does not require a lot of styling time: Simply pull the bangs up, sweep them to the side or gently curl them. 

 Cool hairstyles for Fall/Winter 2020/2021: The Perfect Parting 

One of the latest hair trends, the center or side parting should be perfectly defined. Once you have defined the perfect parting line, tie your hair into a low ponytail or a neat little chignon. This style is particularly suitable for work or big business events. 

Unfortunately, the large centre-parting and the pulling back of all hair does not work for everyone. This style sharpens facial features and therefore works best on women with an oval, symmetrical face.  

Fashionable Fringes for Fall/Winter 2020/2021: the XXL Fringe 

The trendy fringe for Fall/Winter 2020/2021 is the XXL version, which is thick and slightly overlapping the eyes. This length allows it to be worn in several ways, either sideways like the French fringe of the 70s or asymmetrically to one side. 

For a big fringe like this one to stay in place, it needs to be well-trimmed, which means it should not require any extra styling. For the Autumn/Winter 2020/2021 season, the fringe is best worn with short, open hair 

Fashionable Fringes for Fall/Winter 2020/2021: The Hair Storm 

If you are one of those people who are short of time but still have plenty of hair, this is the perfect trend for you. We would more accurately describe it as a controlled disorder with a few wavy streaks.  

You can create the waves using a flat iron, curling iron or, for an even more natural effect, you can go to bed with braided hair. In the morning, simply run your fingers through your hair, apply some styling gel and you are done! This hairstyle is perfect for the fall 2020 boho look. A long dress, a chunky sweater, and chunky earrings provide the perfect backdrop for the hair style 

Fashionable Hairstyles Fall/Winter 2020/2021: Alice bands 

Alice bands have been fashionable for several seasons now. For the Fall/Winter 2020/2021 season, we will be wearing those richly made with pearls, beads, and semi-precious stones. They can be thin, thick, fabric or metal - such a decoration can successfully replace all jewelry. 

If you are not fond of jewellery, reach for scarves and wear it as in the second picture below. This hippie vibe goes well with autumn sweaters, jeans and high boots. The headband is a very easy accessory to style and looks great with both loose and tied hair. 

Trendy hairstyles for fall/winter 2020/2021: chignons and buns 

Although chignons are not out of fashion, they are going to change their form a bit this fall and winter 2020/2021. The hairstyle is more structured and tighter. Unfortunately, this is not a hairstyle for everyone, especially since styling chignons requires cosmetics, which make the hair even smoother and therefore less voluminous. 

On the other hand, ponytails are very versatile, so they are perfect for everyday life at work, for a social event or for a larger party. Make sure not to overdo the makeup with this hairstyle. Simply apply some extra mascara to the lashes and contour the cheekbones to emphasize the severe nature of the hairstyle.