Training kit for training to learn all different hair extensions methodsTraining kit for training to learn all different hair extensions methods

Training Kit


At Viola we have made it easy with our training kits you will have everything you need when starting out for yourself or for students.

Hair extensions at the hair salon require not only the hair extensions themselves, but also professional accessories. Properly chosen, they have a huge impact on the effect of the treatment.

Training essentials - necessary to learn hair extensions

Hair extensions are very popular among women of all ages. No wonder. Within just a few hours, hair extensions can significantly lengthen and thicken the natural strands. The effect of the treatment depends not only on the experience and precision of the stylist and the hairpieces used. The accessories used during the treatment as well as during the wearing and removal of the extensions are also of great importance.

Accessories for extensions

Depending on the chosen method during the extension procedure the following accessories are used:

- rings with silicone,

- sleeves,

- pliers,

- crochets.

As you can guess, silicone rings are used for hair extensions with the ring method. These thin rings, usually made of aluminum, copper or bronze, and lined with a thin layer of silicone, allow for a precise connection between the client's natural hair strand and the hair strand to be extended. In order to achieve a natural result the size and color of the rings have to be adjusted to the structure and color of the natural hair. Only then the extensions will not weigh down the hair strand and the blends will be completely invisible.

Hair extensions training

The sleeves are very similar to the ring bindings. They do not have a silicon layer but a thin thread. For best results the size and color should be chosen according to the client's hair type and color.

The pliers are used to tighten the rings on the hair extensions. These high quality, handy and easy to use tools will not only shorten the time required for the procedure but also ensure a strong bond.

Crochet hooks (double-sided, with pentelle or ratchet) enable precise attachment of the hair extensions. Carefully selected and used in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations will guarantee a lasting effect.

The Accessories Required for Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are an increasingly popular way to easily and quickly change your hairstyle. More and more people appreciate the various types of hair extensions and beautification methods. Depending on which method of hair extension you choose, you will need all the necessary tools. In our assortment you will find a wide range of top quality accessories for hair extensions, both for the methods you can do yourself and for the ones that require the help of a hairdresser.

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