Confidence in the quality of our hair is given by the numerous opinions of new and regular customers, who are always satisfied and not only return to buy sooner or later, but also recommend our Slavic natural hair extensions to their colleagues, friends and family. Hair extensions and thickening is a way to improve your appearance, well-being and self-esteem. With natural hair extensions you can undergo a metamorphosis, gently emphasize your assets and become even more attractive, thanks to the exceptional long and thick hair.

Do you want to enjoy beautiful long thick hair? From now on, you no longer have to wait for your natural hair to grow to the desired length. With hair extensions and add-ons for natural hair, you can achieve spectacular effects immediately.

If you are interested in clip-in hair extensions, we offer ready to wear seamless sets made with modern, very aesthetic silicone tape and classic clip-in extensions on sew-in tape sold in sets of different lengths and densities and as single extensions. You can also purchase flip-in hair, bangs, and ponytails for easy installation. For those on a budget, we can offer synthetic hair with hair clips or clip-in chignons, which are less expensive than natural hair and also have their followers. Hairpieces are easy to do and a skilfully placed ponytail will be invisible to those around you and will impress everyone who sees you with your new look.

Cherry red hair extensions

If you're looking for permanent hair extensions, the sandwich method may be one of the best solutions for you. We offer exceptional quality tape-on hair, which you can pull up and use several times after roots appear. Our assortment also includes keratin and microring hair strands, loop strands with loop and ring and under nanorings and all products used to attach and remove them. The blonde strands that are most frequently requested by our customers can be purchased in premium quality, which guarantees trouble-free wear for many months and very good compatibility with all hairdressing treatments, or as wavy hair if you want to radically change your look and would like to move away from your usual straight hair.

Dark red hair extensions

Even the best-quality natural hair extensions need proper care. In order to retain its beauty, shine and charm for a long time to come.

The basic principle when caring for attaching hair extensions is gentleness. Gentle washing and non-invasive hair and scalp care products will keep your hairstyle delightful long after your hair extensions have been installed. It is best to wash your hair extensions in the shower in a horizontal position. Instead of using circular movements, which may tangle your hair extensions, massage your scalp and the areas between the joints gently.

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On our website, you will find a section with lots of helpful tips for people who are interested in artificial hair. You can find out what types of hair are currently available on the market, as well as tips on the individual methods and how to choose the most suitable one for you. The color palette will make it easier to choose the shade of hair extensions, and the comparison of different lengths will allow you to make the optimal choice for the effect you want to achieve.

In our offer you will find professional products and accessories for hair extensions. Check out our online store and order today.

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