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Copper Tubes


Copper Tubes have always been an incredibly popular method of hair extensions application. This is mainly due to the small tips and beads allowing for a discrete fit. Besides, it is a very efficient method, simply slip the I-tip hair into the beads and squeeze with micro ring pliers. Will have an extremely secure hold onto the hair with minimal damage to the natural hair. Hair extensions for micro-rings are very efficient because Viola Hair Extensions can be used time and time again. Since natural hair will grow, we will have 3-4 cm of regrowth within 8 to 10 weeks. For maintenance, simply undo the micro ring, slide it up and fasten again. Such a procedure is slightly shorter and cheaper than replacing the extensions. It allows you to use the "old" attachments, as long as they are still in good condition.

Hair Extension Copper Tubes - an impressive way of extending and thickening hair

Micro-rings and copper tubes for hair extensions are a very effective way of extending and thickening hair. Silicone lined copper tubes are extremely popular as the silicone will give additional grip and added protection to both the tip and the natural hair. When applied correctly, they are barely visible with 8 different colours to choose from to hide in the roots. Silicone not only reduces the bead slipping but also adds protection for the natural hair and the keratin tips. Micro-rings also have the silicone lining giving you more choices when choosing which bead is best for your clients. It is necessary to provide a suitable brush made of natural bristles for hair extensions. For best results from both the hair and beads, it is worth using Viola shampoo and conditioner. All our aftercare products have been tried and tested.

When you decide on hair extensions, it is worth choosing professional hair extensions - it is the best way to get beautiful, high-quality and luxurious hair in just a few moments. Our online shop offers many different types of products and accessories for hair extensions - copper tube, micro rings, and silicone-lined tubes available in a variety of sizes and colours to choose, from blondes to black, perfect for hiding in the hair so no one would ever know.

Viola is a leading hair extensions company that offers professional hair and all the essential products needed for not only fitting but also a wide range of aftercare. We value quality, therefore we offer our customers only the best products for human hair extension

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