‘What is Viola's Hair’

All Viola Hair is Straight Remy European with a quality Guarantee of 190 days, longest in the UK! We believe that when applied correctly, proper aftercare, use of Viola care products, and regular maintenance, the hair will last even longer can easily last over a year.


‘I ordered two packs of hair but only received one’

Always open up the packaging and take the hair out. One pack of Nano tip, I-tip, U-Tip and Mini tip includes 25 strands, at Viola we to save on packaging we will pack multiple in one packed. Tape-In is sold in tens, twenties and forties time to time we will also pack these altogether.


‘How long does the hair last?’

Viola Hair Extensions comes with 190 days Quality Guaranteed, the longest in the UK! It has been proven that if you follow the aftercare, have regular maintenance and along with Viola specially formulated aftercare products, our hair will last even longer than 190 days! 360 days or even more!


‘Why have my extensions turned pink/orange/green?’

Blonde hair extensions are like a sponge especially newly purchased hair and this is due to the chemical process of lightening to obtain the light blonde colour. To avoid discolouration such as pink/orange, brassy or green. You must not allow the following to come into contact with hair extensions;

  • Sun cream
  • Face cream
  • Tanning lotion
  • Oils e.g. Argan (recommended only for brunettes)
  • Do not allow for the tips of the extensions to touch the face, shoulders or back where any of the above has been applied.
  • Excessive heat
  • Hot water can cause the hair to fade we recommend washing hair in warm water

UV Rays all hair can be affected by the sun, extensions can be even more susceptible. We advise wearing hair up and covering when spending long periods in the sun, hot weather or swimming.

  • Sweat
  • Seawater
  • Chlorine can turn the hair green.

While thousands of customers will go away on holiday with no problems at all there may be the odd unlucky one that may have a problem with their blonde hair extensions changing colour. Most blondes return from holiday even blonder than before.

The following may help to restore any discolouration

Please first test on a few strands. Soak the affected hair for approximately 30 minutes in 1- part apple cider vinegar 3 parts water, wash the hair straight after with purple shampoo. A visit to the hairdressers to have a toner applied too may help should the brassy colour be too stubborn to remove. Unfortunately, the colour changes can be irreversible.

Another possible thing to try is lemon juice a customer said this worked for her recently, she used the squeezy lemon juice bottle on the tips always try a test strand first.

We cannot accept any responsibility for any hair that has turned pink/orange, brassy or green. Your Extensionist should have advised you at the time of fitting the risks as detailed above.


‘My hair extensions are shedding’

Reasons why your extensions are shedding maybe due to exposure to heat i.e. straighteners, curlers etc. Another factor is if the bonds have come into contact with high alcohol, oils or sulphates this can cause the bones to disintegrate.


‘My hair extensions feel dry’

Your hair will be getting a supply of nutrients from your scalp, to keep extensions looking rich and luxurious nutrients needs to be added. Viola Argan Oil used daily along with Viola Extensions Boost will add back the nutrients needed to make sure hair is shiny and healthy. Heat will affect the condition of both your natural hair as well as your extensions. Protect your hair against heat by using either Viola Shake & Protect or Viola Thermal Protection Serum, both provide the hair with a protective coat against the damaging effects.


‘My hair extensions coming out’

Hair Extensions need a lot of care and attentions, be sure to follow closely the aftercare instructions. Making sure to plate hair when going to bed too avoid any tension, avoid swimming etc.

The use of the correct aftercare products, Viola Hair Extensions Shampoo and Conditioner along with the hair extensions brush that will not pull on the bonds.

Regular maintenance booking with a qualified Extensionist to be sure both the extensions and the hair are healthy.


‘My Tape-In Hair Extensions are falling out’

Before tape-in hair is applied be sure to of prepared the hair by washing with Viola Clarifying Shampoo, this will remove any oils that can affect the bond.

You must wash or not put anything on your hair up to 48 hours after application. Tape-in glue can be affected by different chemicals, i.e. if it has a high alcohol content, sulphate as well as exposure to heat.

Viola Hair Extensions Shampoo and Conditioner have been especially formulated not to affect the tapes.

Regular maintenance booking with a qualified Extensionist to be sure both the extensions and the hair are healthy.


‘My rings are going gold’


The beads have a paint coating and over time this can chip and wear away, this can happen when the beads come into contact with certain chemicals. i.e. Dry Shampoo will strip away the colour as well as some aftercare products and even sweat.



Check what aftercare they are using, maybe do some tests with the beads in the see if that has any effect. It is receommend that Viola aftercare is always used as ot has been tested on all Viola products.




‘The metal has broken off my Nano tips’

It is common that over time the mental might break on a couple of the strands, keep them because they can still be reapplied using the same technique as I-Tip extensions.

Be sure that you use the correct Shampoos and Conditioner along with using the right type of brush as you do not want to apply unnecessary stress. If you find that you have lost over 20 mental tips even though you are following the aftercare, contact your Extensionist as the hair can be sent back to us for further testing.


‘Do I need to purchase special shampoo and conditioner?’

To keep your hair extensions healthy and looking luxurious use Viola Hair Extension Shampoo and Conditioner, our products have been specially formulated to coat, seal, help restore and add shine.

For the guarantee to be valid you must use Viola aftercare range as each product has been tried and tested on our hair extensions.


‘How much hair do I need for a whole head?’

For Nano, I-tip, Tiny I-tip and U-tip if you have fine hair then you will need approximately 100-150 strands, thick hair will need around 150-200 strands.

Tape-Ins is between 40 – 50 pieces.

Each clients is different it depends on hair type, head size and desired outcome how many extensions to add.


‘Do your rings/links fit other company’s hair extensions?’

Yes, they should be fine but please keep in mind that all company’s hair extensions will vary in the size of the bonds, always double check the sizing of the rings before ordering.


‘Can I colour the hair extensions?’

All Viola hair is human so you can dye it but we wouldn’t recommend it. The hair has gone through a lot to be that colour, the outcome can be unpredictable.

Before, you must test on a couple of strands of hair first. If you do choose to dye or tone the guarantee will become invalid.


‘If I do not use all of the hair, or if it is not the right colour, can I return it for a refund?’

Yes, you can as long as the hair is with the Silver or Gold wrap in the original bundles and is unused. Can return it within 28 days of purchase along with the invoice, make sure to fill in the at the bottom.

The return address is on the invoice, then once we receive the item we can either refund or exchange.

For more information please visit Returns & deliveries and for address please visit contact us


'Can I come in person to either collect or buy items?'

Yes, you can.

Please visit contact for more information and how to find us

We are open Monday – Friday (excluding bank holidays) 8:30am – 4:30pm