Boar bristle brush for hair extensions by Viola
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Viola hair extensions offers the very best brushes and combs for hair extensions application and care. For extensions to stay looking at feeling amazing it is vital that you use the correct brush. All Viola’s brushes are made of the finest materials that promote healthy growth and care.

Why are bristle brushes so good for hair extensions?

The bristle brush is the perfect tools to care for hair extensions, with the natural bristles reduce static, soft on the bonds whilst minimising pulling and the pressure on the bonds and fittings.

At viola we offer various sizes perfect for fitting in your handbag to the large bristle paddle brush perfect for detangling long luxurious hair.

How to correctly brush hair extensions?

It may sound silly, but there are right and wrong ways to brush hair extensions, as you need to make sure not pull on the connections and affect the both the natural and hair extensions.

Make sure you have the best brush for hair extensions, there are many types of brushes which are brilliant for caring for extensions detangling brush, bristle brush, ceramic round brush, to name a few.

Start by supporting your hair from the roots and work your way up from the ends to the roots. It is important to not brush your hair extensions when the hair is wet, as it will be harder to remove knots and tangles and you can end up pulling out your extensions from the roots, instead you should partially dry the hair first.

Viola hair extensions is a leading supplier of European, Remy human hair extensions, we know with the right care and attention the hair can last well over a year. From our online shop you are able to order the best brushes for hair extensions from the soft bristle brush for hair extensions to the large ceramic round brush as well as the best professional combs for the application of extensions. All our hair, equipment is available to buy from one place saving you time and money.

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