Keratin glue beads

Hair extensions allow you to change your hairstyle spectacularly in just a few hours. There is no need to wait many months for your natural hair to grow. For the treatment to bring the desired results, it is very important to choose the right method. This one should not only be fully adapted to the type and structure of strands, but also provide the desired visual effect.

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Keratin bond hair extensions

The keratin method is the best known, most popular and most versatile extension and thickening method. With the keratin method you get exactly the effect you want - from blonde short-haired boy to long-haired seductive brunette, from straight lakeside strands to lush waves.

How does the keratin hair extensions work?

The keratin method consists of attaching thin strands of natural hair to silicon attachments. Under the influence of heat emitted by the heat gun the tip melts and bonds the two elements together. Depending on the density of the hair and the number of strands used the procedure usually takes about 4 hours.

Who can benefit from keratin hair extensions?

Due to the necessity to use high temperature, the keratin method is recommended especially for women with healthy, strong hair, which is not prone to hair loss and breakage.

Hot fusion hair extensions

Like the keratin method, the ring method has been known and loved by women all over the world for many years. Inexpensive and easily accessible, it has a lot of faithful fans. The keratin method uses italian keratin glue.

Keratin hair extensions have their pros and cons. The spectacular results and their durability undoubtedly outweigh the possible disadvantages. This method gives truly natural results. Connections are almost invisible and barely noticeable under your fingers. Keratin as a natural building material is not invasive. On the contrary, it additionally nourishes and rebuilds the hair structure. That is why keratin hair extensions is a great method for ladies with thin, thin, delicate or damaged hair.

The amount of binder can be adjusted very freely, so in each case the thickness and weight of the strand can be perfectly matched. In this way, many hair extensions can be successfully applied. At the same time the connections are flexible and exceptionally strong. The effect lasts for about 3 months. After this time it is enough to come to the so-called correction, which is the raising of the extension.

Nevertheless, keratin hair extensions do have a few disadvantages. This treatment definitely takes the longest of all available options. However, it is worth your patience - the effects are truly dazzling. Some people may also be surprised by the high price. However, this service is absolutely modern and professional, and buying such strands is a great investment. Corrections need to be made from time to time, but well-maintained hair extensions have a lifespan of several years.

The downside is that the extensions have to be well looked after if you want to keep them looking beautiful for longer. However, this is not difficult. You find detailed care tips for your hair extensions on our website.

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