There are many methods of applying hair extensions, Tape-In is an easy way to add volume and length in under an hour!
A fast and simple method that can be easily refitted time and time again. With the use of Viola Tape Bond Remover and reapply with Viola Tape tabs.


Tape-in application is an incredibly fast way of adding length and volume perfect for special events.

Section the hair sandwich a small piece of hair between two pieces of tape squeeze together with Viola Tape Pliers for a firm hold. Each weft has a specialised tape tab attached which when applied correctly will last 6 to 8 week.

Looking at adding volume as little as two-pack will make all the difference, for a full head adding length we recommend 5 to 6 packs of tapes.
Tape-in Extensions must always be applied by a qualified extensionist, with regular maintenance and use of Viola Hair Care range the extensions for a year if not more.

What is the difference between Secret Tapes?

The Viola Secret Tapes can be placed higher due to the natural root this allows for a smoother and seamless blend. Can be reapplied with the same Viola Tape tabs, for repeat wear.
These can be mixed with Viola Tapes and placed around the hair line for a discrete application.

Viola Hair Exstensions - Leading supplier of European hair extensions in the UK

Viola hair extensions pride itself in offering the very best human hair extensions in the UK. All our hair is donated with the natural alignment of the hairs growth maintained, this ensures that the hair remains tangle-free.
The uniquely delicate acid-free treatment process ensures the hair will remain healthy, glossy and in excellent condition throughout its life. Our Online Shop offers the highest quality hair extensions on the market.

Long May it last!


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