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Root Stretch Colour Ring by Viola
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Viola Hair Colour Ring is essential for matching the hair extensions to the correct shade.

Viola hair extensions have a wide range of professional hair extensions, from the always popular Nano tips to quick Tape ins and celebrities

With over 75 shades to choose from the elegant Jet Black #1 to the  light blonde #60B Pearl Glow, as well as mixes like  the Caramel #P2/6 Marrakech Heat and the popular #P18/22 Malibu Sunset. In addition to delicious balayage shades, for example the chocolate #T2P2/14 Hazelnut Latte and the cool #T7P7/16 Espresso frappe.

The best way to match natural hair for extensions is with a Viola color ring  and a Viola root stretching ring with all shades to ensure the perfect match for your client.

How to match the color scheme?

To ensure the closest fit possible, always match the viola's color ring.   We take amazing photos of our shades to showcase the colors, however, depending on the screen resolution and brightness, the colors may look different. Why a ring for hair extensions is essential for all hair extension technicians and salons.

Lighting is essential when matching hair color, it should always be in a well-lit room, preferably natural light, although not direct sunlight, as hair can look more golden. With the Viola color ring, choose several shades that are close to the hair color and keep the hair extension color samples in front of customers naturally, be sure to keep in the same direction as the hair.

Use the hair extension color picker to fit the head to the back,  sides and front, as the back may be darker than the rest. Usually, let's say that a natural mixture has at least two different shades.

Our online store offers not only world-class professional hair extensions, hair  dye ring, but also the necessary tools and equipment in one easy-to-order place. With collections of nanorings  with all the necessary elements in one place, from cl ips cross-sections  and  pin tail combs to silicone   nanorings and loop tools.

Our hair extensions are Slavic, double-pulled, human hair with the longest warranty in the UK of 190 days, with proper hair care our extensions will easily last a year, if not longer. Simply add a warranty kit to your order, including our enriching hair extension shampoo, conditioner, as well as the necessary brush for combing.

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