Nano bonds rings for use with nano tip hair extensions by ViolaNano bonds rings for use with nano tip hair extensions by Viola

Nano Bonds Rings

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Hair Extensions Nano Rings

Nano Ring is a relatively new method of attaching hair extensions. This method is an improvement on the Microring technique. Nano-rings are much smaller and thus, convenient and hard to notice. Nano-ring hair extensions is a new form of adjustable hair extension method - the application consists of attaching individual hair strands by means of a small nano-ring. Nano rings are considered to be about 90% smaller than the average micro ring, which means they are more comfortable and discreet for clients wearing them. Because the bonds are much smaller, Nano Ring extensions are ideal for those with fine hair who are considering extensions. In our offer you will also find nano bonds rings and nano rings pilers.

Silicone Lined Nano Rings

To attach the strands you need a special crochet hook to thread your own hair through the nanotubes, pliers and, of course, the nanorings beads. There are beads on the market with and without silicone. Silicone is a "non-slip" material, which means that the nano ring stays firmly in place and provides extra security against hair slipping. Without silicone, the rings are even smaller. You can decide for yourself. When attaching the nano-ring you have to make sure that you get the correct strands of your own hair. This is important because if it's too thick, the hair extensions can quickly fall out. On the other hand, if your strands are too thin, they can slip off.

Hair Extensions Nano

Nano hair extensions are very similar to microring extensions, the difference is in the size of the rings used, which we try to minimize in order to achieve a less visible and more discreet connection. In order to fit the end of the strand into a very small ring, a special solution has been developed in which a thin rigid wire is permanently fused into it, which is much narrower than the end itself and easily fits into nanorings with a reduced inner diameter.

Nano Loop Hair Extensions

Unlike clip-in extensions, this is a permanent hair extension method, which is similar to tape-on or keratin sandwich extensions, where once you've met with your hairdresser, you wear your hair for a few months until roots appear. Then you can take the strands out, pull them up and use them again because they are made of very good quality remy hair with extended life. In the meantime, you can curl, wave, and cut the hair as if it were your own. After a few days of wearing them, you will get used to the miniature joints and forget you have anything pinned up.

Best Nano Hair Extensions UK

Microrings for hair extensions are very small. Inside the microring there is usually an even smaller thread to which you attach the hair and which holds the hair strand in position. A strand of hair inserted into the threaded sleeve is attached to a section of natural hair. Then, classical hair rings are clamped onto the hair with pliers so that the extended hair strand remains firmly attached to the natural hair strand. However, you will not only find classic microrings, but also many other options like e.g. hair nanorings, microrings with silicone, heat shrink sleeves etc.

Hair Extensions Nano Rings

The bonds consist of a small metal eyelet, by far the most comfortable type of hair extension that affects our own hair the least. This method is used by many celebrities. The method is very suitable for people with very thin hair. Clients not only benefit from the abundance of hair, but also the barely noticeable sensitivity. Since the joints are extremely small, it is easier to make a ponytail or braid with nano beads. This also allows you to attach more strands, especially in places where you might not be able to with another method.

Viola Hair Extensions - the best quality hair extensions

The Viola Hair Extensions online store is the place to go to equip your salon with top quality hair extensions cosmetics and accessories. The offer includes ready to wear strands for the selected method, available in a wide range of colors. The hair is very popular due to its very attractive price and good quality. All hair offered by us is cut in one direction - the so-called remy, in such a way that the hair scales are directed downwards. This eliminates excessive tangling. The hair is soft and manageable. Buy Nano Ring Hair Extensions and enjoy a beautiful hairstyle.

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