Hair extensions are an increasingly popular way to quickly and effectively change your hairstyle. Women increasingly opt for hair extensions and hair thickening. Depending on the method of hair extensions and thickening, the right accessories are needed for a professional treatment. In our assortment you will find the necessary accessories, thanks to which you can extend your hair on your own or at the hairdressing salon.

Elastic thread for hair extensions 

You will also find top quality hair extension threads in our offer. These are models, which you can easily adjust to your client's hair needs. You'll find here weave thread and weft thread. 

Hair extension accessories for professional and home use

Pliers for attaching and removing strands

Practical pliers are indispensable for attachment and removal of hair extensions using methods, which require metal connectors. The pliers are helpful both for attaching and removing the extensions. The pliers are intended for professionals and are used to grip the microrings and sleeves.

Keratin hair extension glues

Another important accessory you will find in the Viola Hair Extensions store are the adhesives - an indispensable element which makes the procedure possible. Adhesives are mainly used in the keratin method. They allow to bond naturally thin hair with the strands.

If you have weak and thin hair, extensions may be the best way to add variety to your hairstyle. Or maybe you are a hairdresser and deal with hair extensions and thickening on a daily basis? In both cases you need the highest quality and fully professional accessories, which you will find in our range.                                                                                                                                                   

The hair extension set

It is important to note that all hair extension accessories should be used for their intended purpose. You will find a variety of different accessories for your hair extensions in our assortment. The color of the hair extensions should be matched to your natural hair color and the matching should be done in daylight.

Viola Hair Extensions - online shop with professional hair extension accessories   

When choosing accessories for your hair extensions pay attention to their selection for the particular extension method. This guarantees a beautiful and natural hair style. Even though your hair extensions do not look any different from your natural hair, they need extra moisture. For this purpose, make sure to provide them with the proper nutrients through well-chosen cosmetics. Remember also about proper care during washing and drying and during other hair care activities. Properly chosen and professionally used accessories will guarantee the effect of a perfect hairstyle.        

Our store is a guarantee of the highest quality - we have prepared a special offer for our business and individual clients. You will find everything you need to make your hairstyle look perfect. Check out our product range, buy and order today.           

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