In a professional hair salon, in addition to hairdressing furniture, there are many hair accessories and utensils for cutting and modeling hairstyles. Usually there are so many of them that maintaining order at the workstation is significantly difficult. That is why a hairdresser's helper should be the basic equipment of every hairdressing salon. It is a practical, useful piece of furniture, which makes it possible to sort hair products and organise daily work. 

Hairdresser's helper: a practical piece of furniture in every salon 

Hairdresser's carts are not only an interior furnishing element of a salon, they are practical pieces of equipment whose task is to organize and sort all the tools and accessories used in daily work by hairdressers and barbers. Quick and easy access to tools and hairdressing cosmetics not only facilitates but also pleases the performance of each hairdressing procedure. Therefore, such furniture not only has a utilitarian function, but also a practical one. The mobile hairdresser's helper allows you to organise your workspace, which undoubtedly translates into comfort during treatments - everything you need is always within reach. 

Hairdressing carts: What should you consider when choosing a hairdressing cart? 

When choosing a hairdressing cart you should pay attention to its functionality and practicality. A good choice are hairdressing trolleys with wheels, which can easily be moved to any place in the salon. However, the material from which the cart was made is no less important. A hairdressing trolley should be made of durable plastic, resistant to damage, but also to chemical agents (such as disinfectants, hair dyes and bleaches). Therefore, metal cosmetic tables will work well. The last issue is functionality - shelves, additional retrofitting in this sense should be tailored to your needs and expectations. 

Cosmetic assistant with drawers: shelves to choose? 

Hairdressing carts are carts with a similar construction - at the top there is a wiped off shelf for the necessary and most used hair utensils and accessories such as scissors, paint bowls, brushes and hairdressing cosmetics. Underneath, on the other hand, there are drawers where you can sort and arrange various hairdressing accessories and items. The number of shelves in the hairdressing cart should be dictated by the needs of the stylist - the more shelves, the more items will fit on the cart and can be sorted into more categories. When choosing a hairdressing cart, it is also worth paying attention to other elements of its equipment - some of the carts have an additional holder for a hairdryer or the option to attach a holder to a drawer or a hanger to the mirror. A hairdressing trolley should be functional, that is why the number of shelves should be chosen according to one's needs. 

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