Clips and hairdressing handles

Viola hair extensions have a wide range of human hair extensions with Nano tips, w-tape,  weaves, microring and  pre-knotted. Not only that, but also  professional hairpins, which are essential for all ientonesionist hairdressers to get a professional fit.

Why are hair handles such an important tool?

For a proper hair extension fit, you need to have the best hairpins.  This allows you to keep your hair up and out of the way to ensure that stray hair doesn't get into beads, tapes or bindings that may become uncomfortable.

Other tools that are extremely helpful when using extensions are a tail pin comb to  create clean lines, small  metal clips to hold threads in place, you also have a hair grab that holds small hair.

How to divide hair ready for extension

Creating a clean environment is important for all aspects of hairdressing, from cutting to styling and extension to coloring. Start by brushing your hair to remove all knots and tangles, a great extension brush is a  bristle brush that is gentle on natural hair and extensions.

Use a tail comb to divide the hair inwards, then divide the crown so that the hair is in four quadrants. Thanks to the sectional clips,  they keep the hair out of the way.   Using the tail comb of the pin, take the section at the bottom of the head, where the first row of extensions will sit. It is important to note that this may depend on the natural hair of customers, because you do not seeextensions, this is called red zones.

The Viola online hair extension store has everything a professional hair extension holder needs to fit all methods of application, maintenance and of course removal. With hair handles  and  loop tools for  weaves and weft threads and of course the best hair care products designed for the care of professional air extensions.

Also with a range of amazing Malibu C products that specializes in care and colour correction that are gentle on natural hair and extensions. Thanks to the popular  Hard water wellness system, which removes accumulated minerals that can cause discoloration, as well as the Blondes wellness system, which lightens blondes without whitening.

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