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Dealing with dull hair with Viola

One of the common hair concerns that affects women of all ages is dull hair. The causes of dull hair can sometimes be hard to identify at first. It may include environmental pollutants, harsh styling products, or simply genetics. Regardless of the cause, it is essential to know how to treat and prevent dull hair to maintain healthy-looking locks and bring your confidence back.

One way to deal with dull hair is to incorporate gentle hair care products that are free of harsh chemicals, such as sulphates. Opting for regular conditioning with nourishing ingredients can help restore moisture to the hair, enhancing its natural shine and lustre. The products available in Viola’s catalogue meet the highest standards and are friendly to all types of hair. They will be perfect for hair extensions with various methods.

Making dull hair silky and shiny

The use of hair treatment products, like Malibu C or Viola, provides a great help to revive dull hair. Malibu C's range of hair care products is designed to remove impurities and build-up from the hair and scalp. They contain nourishing plant proteins and natural antioxidants, like vitamin C, to restore health and vitality of your hair extensions. The brand's 100% vegan formulas are suitable for those who are environmentally conscious and have sensitive scalps.

Dull hair - using proper products  for extensions hair

Hair treatment products for this type of hair come in different forms. They can be protein sprays or protection serums. Each one should be chosen according to one’s preference and the degree of hair damage. It is always advised to get advice from the professional and read the product description carefully.

It is not only about the right treatment products. By incorporating gentle hair care practices and protective styling habits into a regular care routine of your hair extensions, you can effectively treat and prevent dull hair. Consistent care is the key. Dull hair can easily be transformed into healthy-looking locks with a natural shine and vibrancy with a little bit of effort supported by hair products available in Viola’s catalogue.

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