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Inadequate care, weight loss, stress, excessive hairstyling, illness or simply the physiological aging process are the most frequent causes of damaged hair and skin diseases. How to take care of them properly?

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How fast hair grows may be genetically determined or related to hair care. Statistically, hair grows by 1 to 2 cm per month. If you are trying to grow your hair but it does not seem to be growing, it is possible that the hair ends are simply brittle and therefore the length of your hair style remains the same. What is causing this? Crunchy hair can be caused by external or internal factors. Most often, brittle hair is the result of heat damage caused by excessive heat exposure:

  • low-drying your hair with a hot air dryer,
  • Washing the hair in too hot water,
  • Frequent use of flat or curling irons, 

An unbalanced diet low in zinc, copper, iron, silicon, biotin and valuable vitamins A, B and E may also be responsible for brittle and fragile hair. Another possible cause is dehydration - hair needs proper moisture in order to grow and to keep its elasticity and shine. The problem of brittle hair often affects women who bleach their hair strands or regularly use perms or coloring. Sometimes, scalp diseases such as Seborrhoeic Dermatitis (Psoriasis) or Fatty Dandruff (sebum accumulation hinders proper hair growth) are responsible for the slow growth, brittleness and poor overall condition of the hair. Tight haircuts may also be a contributing factor. They pull the hair strands taut at the roots and weaken the hair roots. Hair also gets brittle if you use too much styling products. Mousse and hairspray used in excess damage the hair structure, making it weaker and more prone to breakage.

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Long-term and frequent colouring of your hair, daily blow-drying, straightening and curling, improperly applied perms and inadequate care are bad for your hair. They damage and destroy their structure. They make your hair dry, brittle, tangled, clumped and falling out. It lacks shine, bounce and softness. What can you do to save your damaged hair? And is there any rescue for such extremely damaged hair?

Of course, there is a rescue for extremely damaged hair. But what you need to know is that when your hair is in really bad shape, there is no such thing as instant restoration. It's going to take a lot of work, time and patience to restore damaged hair to a healthy condition. But if you approach the subject carefully and take it seriously, after a few weeks you will start to see the first results, which will certainly motivate you to continue the fight for healthy and beautiful hair.

For all those who want to improve the look and condition of their hair we have prepared a wide range of professional hair care products, both for extensions and for natural hair. Bet on quality and choose products, which work perfectly on your hair. Check it out and order today!

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