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Tape In Human Hair Extensions 

The sandwich method called "tape in" is becoming more and more popular among "permanent" hair extending methods. By permanent we mean a period of wearing it non-stop for a few weeks. So far in Poland microrings have reigned supreme but more and more often the sandwich method is the alternative to clip in hair when it comes to hair extending methods. Tape in hair is reusable, which means that after a few weeks of wearing it, when your own hair grows out and the "sandwiches" get lowered, you can pull them up, i.e. take them off and put them back on. Please note that tape in hair has to be installed by a qualified person which makes it more expensive than clip in hair extensions.

Tape Hair Extensions - how does it work?

Hair extensions with Clip-In method is a modern method thanks to which you can achieve great results within a few minutes. Longer and thicker hair is guaranteed by well-tightened hair clips. The most appreciated thing about this method is that no glue is used. Using methods with this additive unfortunately exposed hair to breakage and loss. They are simply dangerous and Clip-In method is completely non-invasive. Attached hair is natural, although dead. Thanks to easily attachable clips you can freely detach and attach the hair again. The hair extensions do not have the slightest negative impact on the natural hair of the person who attaches them. It's just ordinary, natural (just that it's dead) hair on tape that allows you to have extensions or a special hairstyle for one evening. What's important to note is that many hair extension methods need to be done by a professional - if done wrong, you risk damaging your hair or pulling it out. Clip-In hair extensions, on the other hand, are completely safe and can be worn by anyone and if the fit isn't right all you have to do is detach the clip and try again. This method is completely safe.

In addition to hair that is ideal for the tpe in method, you will also find the necessary accessories in our store, such as:

  • Tape Extension Remover
  • Invisi Tape Hair Extensions

Tape In Extensions cost 

The main difference, of course, is the length of application. While Clip-In is typically a one-time method - you put it on once, style it for the evening or extend your hair for a day, Tape-In is a longer-term hair extension and thickening. Depending on how fast your hair grows, after a period of about 4-8 weeks you will need to pull the hair tape up a little higher. Another difference is the method of attachment. Clip-In can be put in by yourself thanks to the clips and it's completely safe, while Tape-In is quite a difficult procedure and needs to be done by a professional. While mistakes can be made with the Clip-In method and nothing will happen, it's a method that won't damage your hair in any way, making a mistake with Tape-In hair can mean a lot of damage to your hair - which is why it's so important to have a professional attach your Tape-In hair. Both of these methods, however, are excellent when it comes to artificial hair extensions and thickening. Not every person has the hair of their dreams, and these two methods make it possible to create a one-day hairstyle or one that lasts a little longer.

Professional Hair Extensions

In our Viola Hair Extensions online shop in UK you will find a range of essential hair salon accessories and tools. We are specialists in hair extensions and therefore we also share our knowledge. On our website you can also find hair extension courses. In our assortment you will also find pin tail comb and white tape tabs. Check out our assortment and order today.

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