Do you want to boost your hair? Professional Hair Extensions is perfect add length and volume in a day. All the necessary products and equipment you will find at Viola. Human Hair Weave is an option for those, who want to have long, luxurious hair instantly. 

Weave - long hair at any time 

Why wait for your hair to grow? Natural hair growth is between 8mm to 1cm per month! Viola Weaves is versatile as it can be fitted variety of different ways, one being Beaded Weave method which is incredibly popular among celebrities as it is quick and the results are instant. Wefts can also be used to make custom clip-in hair extensions, as each weave comes as one long piece, every strand of hair has been precisely attached to strip that can be hidden within the clients hair.

Why Beaded Weave?

The Beaded Weave is a popular method of application as it requires no glue, heat, chemicals or braiding to secure the extensions. When applied correctly the maintenance can also be quick and effortless.

What tools essential for Beaded Weave?

Of course, you need hairdressing essentials; Pintail comb, Sectioning clips, metal clips and bristle brush. The extensions tools that are necessary are Micro ring pliers, Loop tool, Weave needle, weft thread, micro rings and of course the weave.

How to apply Beaded weave

As with all extensions start at the bottom of the head and work your way up. Use the loop tool to thread the micro rings onto a small strand of hair and squeeze the bead close with micro ring pliers, do this in a straight and neat row along. Unravel the weave, brush out any knots, measure the length of the weft needed to cover the micro rings cut to size. Use the metal clips to secure the weft on top of the rings, thread a long piece of the weft thread onto the C needle. Then start by threading the needle through the hair in the far left bead, then through the weft piece and begin a blanket stitch, work your way along sewing the weft to each bead. Once you come to the end of the weft secure the end section be sure that it doesn't flap and knot the thread, you may need to cut away any excess weft. Work your way up the head until reach the highest point that the hair will still cover the extensions.

Viola Hair Exstensions - Leading supplier of European hair extensions in the UK

Viola Hair Extensions is the place, to find the highest quality Remy European professional hair extensions with the option of adding the longest quality guarantee in the UK, all the tools and accessories to apply, remove as well as essential aftercare products.

Long May it last!


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