I-Tip Hair Extensions – a convenient method of hair extensions 

Hair Extensions are ideal everyone whether they have fine, thick, long, short hair and would like to have a little more volume or length.

It is all the more important to know what are the methods of extensions that suits the hair types and desired look. The I-tip extensions method is ideal for adding both length and volume with ease.

I-Tip Hair Extensions

I-Tip also called stick tip get the name from the shape keratin tips that hold the hair together, usually around a centimetre long. Available in lengths from 14" to 24" have dream mermaid hair in a day.

With several different methods of application, it's clear to see why I-tip are so popular.


Starting from the bottom neatly section the hair, using a Viola loop tool with either micro rings, copper tubes or silicone lined copper tubes thread bead onto a small piece of hair slide the I-tip into the bead and squeeze firmly with Viola Micro ring Pliers. Repeat around the clients head until you have accomplished the desired effect.

The tips are made with keratin glued which can also be applied using heat and adding either U-tip rebonds or keratin glue.

Viola Hair Exstensions - Leading supplier of European hair extensions in the UK

Viola hair extensions pride itself in offering the very best human hair extensions in the UK. All our hair is donated with the natural alignment of the hairs growth maintained, this ensures that the hair remains tangle-free.
The uniquely delicate acid-free treatment process ensures the hair will remain healthy, glossy and in excellent condition throughout its life. Our Online Shop offers the highest quality hair extensions on the market.

Long May it Last!

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