Deep purple hair, achieved with Viola bold, beautiful, purple hair extensions in nano rings adding length and volume to bright hairHuman nano ring hair extensions UK available in #Purple rain
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Viola Hair Extensions has a range of colourful hair extensions with all the vivid vibrancy you should expect from such colours.

Whether you want to add a flash of flamboyancy, exposing dashes of colour with the silky movement of your hair, or an all-out cosmic comic book heroine look, then we have you covered.


Remember that time when Rihanna went for that iconic fire-engine red in 2010, or the classic, seductive Jessica Rabbit? Well, you can have the colour to match these divas with our fire hot Salsa Red.

If you want something with a darker twist then there is always our dark red, Ruby Scarlet. This deep, mysterious colour can make your skin and eyes shine, especially those of you with a fairer complexion and lighter eye colour.


Think pop art pinks, the luminosity of Hot Pink and the whimsical, softer pastel shade of Candy Floss, even our Coral Pink extensions, both ready to order from our online shop.

A favourite with artists like Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, fuchsia pink can demand that power attitude. Of course, this also comes with the styling of the punk pop power-houses of the 80’s and 90’s.


If you’re going to go blue, then you have to go for that Electric Blue, there’s just no other way. The type of blue that Demi Lovato, Katy Perry, and Billie Eilish have all donned in their established careers. Having shocking blue hair will immediately make you stand out from the crowd and not everyone has the conviction to do this other than those who want to push the boundaries of society.


Get pure delectability with our Purple Rain hair extensions; that rich, royal colour that is synonymous with Prince himself.

This is also a colour that is vivaciously living in the Anime and Cosplay world. Purple hair will assassinate any look you’ve dreamed of before, slaying the competition, and leaving you standing out as the violet vision you are.


Our vibrant extensions are available in Nano ring and Micro Rings and to apply them you should choose a colour ring that matches your natural root colour, this is the best way to select your beads regardless of the colour of your extensions!

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