There are many different hairdressing accessories available in the market. Having a full set for hair styling salons is an absolute must. One of the indispensable pieces of equipment for every establishment are hairdressing capes. They help maintain proper hygiene and, at the same time, have a positive impact on the customer's sense of comfort. A hairdresser's cape is a must have in every professional salon, which provides the highest quality of service. 

One of the absolutely necessary accessories in every hairdressing salon are, of course, professional hairdressing capes. They will protect the client's clothes both during hair coloring as well as hair cutting and all types of hair care procedures. It is therefore worth investing in a good quality, rather bulky hairdressing cape. Below you will find the most important information about capes in a few sentences. Here is some basic information about them. Hairdresser's cloaks are usually made of waterproof material, thanks to which the client undergoing such treatments as coloring can feel quite safe. The standard size of a hairdressing cloak is usually about 130 cm x 145 cm - such a hairdressing cloak is spacious enough to cover the client's clothes thoroughly. Typical waterproof cloaks are made from a mixture of polyester and nylon. They are always equipped with an elastic collar, which is fastened around the client's neck with hooks or convenient Velcro. It's also worth mentioning that you can usually choose a different color of shearling cape besides the standard black, so you can generally match it to the interior decor of your salon.

Hair Cutting type

The hairdressing cloak is used to protect the customer during all types of hairdressing treatments. It protects the clothes of the person being cut from getting dirty and also his/her body from getting the hairdresser's products on the skin. Moreover, it protects against hair sticking into clothes. Usually, hairdressing cloaks are made of waterproof materials, for example a mixture of polyester and nylon. They are also equipped with an elastic collar fastened around the client's neck. Therefore, we distinguish between Velcro hairdressing cloaks and hooked hairdressing cloaks. In case of cloth, reusable cloaks it is important to take proper care of regular cleaning and washing in high temperatures. This allows to maintain the appropriate level of hygiene and ensure safety in our premises. You should also take care of the comfort and protection of the stylist by equipping him or her with, for example, a black hairdressing apron. 

Disposable hairdressing capes

A simple solution is a disposable hairdressing cape, which should be disposed of immediately after each treatment. The use of professional hairdressing scissors, whether classic or degloving hairdressing scissors, always generates a lot of cut hair, which easily adheres to clothes. Therefore, using a disposable non-woven cloak saves the time usually spent on cleaning such material, and also guarantees cleanliness and safety in the hair salon. Many hairdressers prefer to use just this kind of cover because it is an easy and convenient solution. 

Hairdressing foil cloak

A special kind of disposable protection are foil hairdressing cloaks, the advantage of which is a smooth and slippery surface. These covers are made of foil, which bounces the hair back and makes the strands slide down the foil. These types of cloaks are also disposable after each client.

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