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Human Hair Weave UK

Many retailers offer accessories for hair extensions. The most important factor for hair extensions and thickening are of course the hair strands. The choice of the hair strands determines the esthetics and the final result of the hair style. Let's take a closer look at the accessories for hair extensions. For sure, it will be keratin in the hot method. All heat methods are based on creating bonds using heat. Both the sleeves and the keratin are heated with a special tool - a heat gun. A good one is the one with ceramic ends and thermoregulator.

Natural Hair Weave

With cold extension methods, you do not use temperature but special accessories for hair extensions. You need a crochet hook, which helps you to thread a strand of hair through the hair ring or sleeve perfectly and quickly. A pair of pliers is another very important accessory for cold extensions. The pliers have to be made of durable, stainless steel. The pliers are used to crimp the ring or sleeve and thus form a bond that holds the live hair and the extension strand firmly in place. To choose the best hair extension accessories, take your time and attention. Good equipment is always ergonomically shaped, lightweight, safe and pretty. A good salesperson is always willing to suggest and answer all your questions and gives a guarantee for his or her hair extension accessories.

Needle for hair weaving

Hair extensions can quickly and comfortably add length and volume to your hair. Many women wonder how long the effects of hair extensions last. Which methods last the longest and which the shortest? We like to give you a hint.

Long, sleek hair is one of the most important attributes of femininity. Unfortunately, not every member of the female sex has been blessed with long hair. With modern hair extension and thickening methods you can help. A skilful stylist's hand can create your dream hairstyle within just a few hours.

Our offer is mainly addressed to professional hair extension stylists. You will find here:

  •         wooden loop tool
  •         hair weave thread
  •         hair sectioning clips

Weave Extensions

A skilful stylist's hand, the right method for the hair structure and high-quality extensions are not enough for beautiful hair extensions. Taking good care of the extensions is no less important. How do you care for your hair extensions so that they look beautiful for months after the treatment?

Viola Hair Extensions

Our offer is Professional Hair Extensions. we are experts in what we do and we try to make sure that the quality of our products is the best possible. This is because we know that it will translate into the quality of styling. Bet on proven products and choose brands which are trusted by thousands of consumers around the world.

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