Our pliers are designed for hair stylist in mind, we know that you need your equipment to be reliable, comfortable and long-lasting.
With our huge selection of pliers for applying, maintenance and removal of hair extensions, it’s easy to find the correct equipment for each method.

Pliers for hair extensions

Professional hair extensions on violas are Slavic, double-pulled human hair. With popular Nano tips, fast tape,  favorite star  weaves, elegant  I-tip  tips and strong pre-glued extensions. Of course, to apply correctly, you need the right tools for hair extensions, in our online store you can find pliers for  application extensions and pliers for hair extensions for each method of hair extensions.

Hair extension pliers Nano ring 

Our nano ring  hair extension pliers  are not only ideal for applying nano extenders, but can also be used as hair extension pliers. This is due to the light serrated tips for holding and tightening the beads and small gaps to be able to open the beads again.

Nanoring removal  pliers are specially designed hair extension pliers, with small branches that tighten and break the bead for quick removal.

Microcyclic pliers

Hair extensions on a micro ring and weave viola require the use of ion pliers  with microrings, and their curved serrated tip can exert a lot of pressure on the bead with one squeeze. These pliers can also be used to extend hair to remove microrings, copper tubes, and silicone-lined copper tubes, simply by applying pressure to the flat side to gently open the beads.

Pliers for hair extensions with tape

 The tape in pliers is very different from all other hair extension pliers, with long, smooth, wide tips to put pressure on the pleats to seal the tapes.

Pliers for hair extensions

Viola hair extensions pre-knotted extensions have, of course, specialized application pliers with  fusion pliers  and to help remove  bond crushing pliers to help the bond  removal solvent soften the keratin bonds.

In our online store you can not only order professional hair extensions,  but also all the tools and equipment needed for the application, care and removal of hair.

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