Nano bonds rings for use with nano tip hair extensions by ViolaNano bonds rings for use with nano tip hair extensions by Viola

Nano Bonds Rings


Nanoring Collections

Viola hair extensions have the best human  hair nanorings, with the longest warranty in the UK of 190 days, with proper care, however it will easily last a year or more.

When matching hair extension nanorings you need the best beads to work with, there are so many to choose from, but which ones to buy? Microrings  are  designed to extend I  tips,  and Nano  tips have silicone nanorings or Nano bond rings, which are  some of the smallest rings on the market, which is why nano ring extensions are one of the most popular methods on the market.   

Silicone lined nanorings

Violas silicone nano rings are available in nine different shades to choose from, from raven black to blonde and even chestnut, so you can find a shade that can hide in any hair colour. Each bead has a silicone lining that not only adds grip, but also additional protection for the bot and natural hair and extensions.

Nano Bond Rings

Nano bond beads are the smallest rings on the market, up to 90% smaller than other rings. The beads are the perfect size because they can fit both natural hair and a small Nanos metal tip to effectively hold the extensions in place.

Tools for nanoring application

The Viola online store has all the tools and equipment needed for the proper use of professional nano ring hair extensions.  With tiny nanorings,  professional curved pliers that gently hold the bead and squeeze tightly in place, as well as strong loop tools  and jewel loop tools to press multiple beads.  

What hair care products you use is important when you have professional hair extensions, not only can it affect the integrity of the extensions, but also the rings. Using products with a high alcohol content can remove hair color and even cause the beads to turn golden. Viola recommends using our specially formulated shampoo and  conditioner, which are gentle on extensions and beads.

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