Hair extension tapes are used in the tape-on method. The tape-on method is the most popular choice for ladies who dream of long and thick hair. Keep in mind that in order for hair extensions to be done properly, it is a good idea to make sure that you have the right and appropriate tools and accessories for doing hair extensions. In our offer you will find high quality one sided tape for hair extensions, which you can successfully use in your hair salon. 

Best hair extension tape tabs

Hair thickening and extensions can be done in many different ways. One of them is the tape-on method, otherwise known as the sandwich method. The sandwich method is one of the most popular and safest hair extension and thickening methods. The sandwich method gets its name from the way the strands are placed on the natural hair. The natural strands are sandwiched between extensions, which resembles a sandwich in its structure.

The strands created for the tape-on method are placed on special adhesive strips. These tapes are attached to the natural hair next to the scalp so that you can easily hide the extensions under your own hair. A great advantage of the tape on method is the fact that silicone tapes, on which hair is placed, are hypoallergenic. This means that even allergy sufferers and people with extremely sensitive skin can quickly change their hairstyle to their liking.

How to get tape in hair extensions?

Tape-in method hair extensions can be done at a hair salon or at home, but in both cases you need the help of a professional. For this method hair extensions you need not only the necessary strands but also a comb with a skewer, a brush, pliers for crimping the strands and a flat iron. The tape-on method is based on attaching strands of hair to special silicone adhesive tape. A natural hair strand must be placed between the strands. Thanks to this method, the hair extensions and natural hair are smoothly and aesthetically joined and the tapes are not visible, regardless of the hairstyle.

The safest methos of permanent hair extensions

The sandwich method is currently the number one of all permanent hair extension methods. It does not require hot glue, and the insertion itself is several times shorter and less expensive than other permanent methods.

How to care for natural hair tape on?

Care is very important. You should use a good quality shampoo and after each wash we recommend using a conditioner, and preferably a mask. Apply a few drops of argan oil to the ends. To comb your hair, use a special brush for extended hair. Brush your hair only when it is slightly damp. It is best to tie up your hair overnight in a loose braid. Be sure to use heat protectant before using curling irons or straighteners.

Tape-on hair extensions - Viola Hair Extensions

When using tape-on extensions - as with any other method - it is very important to precisely adjust the length and color of the extensions to your natural hair. This is how you achieve the desired effect. You should wash your hair thoroughly before using tape-on extensions, but do not use any conditioner. Otherwise, the attachment strips may slip off. After the hair extensions you should wait 48 hours before washing your hair again. This will give the glue on the strips a chance to bond well.

Hair extensions with the sandwich method should be cared for carefully. It is important to frequently comb out the strands and apply a conditioner to keep the strands in their natural state for as long as possible. When attaching individual strands it is important to place them close to the scalp. Strands that are attached too tightly may irritate the skin and even lead to small wounds.

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