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Boar bristle brush for hair extensions by Viola
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Brushes for hair extensions

Viola hair extensions not only have the best human hair extensions in the UK, with Nano tips,  microrings,  tape,   weaves and pre-knotted hair extensions. It is important to use the right brushes in order not only to removeangles and knots, but also not to damage the bindings and fittings.

Which hairbrush to choose for extension

The Viola online store has the best brushes for hair extensions, from a soft bristle brush for hair extensions to the ever-popular  combing brush  and, of course, your favorite extension bristle brush.

The bristle brush is an ideal tool for professional hair extensions, this is due to the soft natural brushes that apply and protect the extensions. Natural fibers help reduce electrification and help distribute natural oils. With small plastic tips that help remove even the most awkward tangles. The Viola has many different options to choose from, from a stylish chrome paddle brush  to a clean white oval bristle brush that can lie comfortably in your purse.

How to brush hair extensions?

Whether you use a paddle brush,  ceramic round brush  or combing brush, you should brush your hair in the same way. Hold the air h by the roots, then brush the ends and go up, always supporting extensions.

How to style hair extensions?

The first thing is that you need to protect your natural hair and extend it from thermal styling, add a Viola cocktail and protect wet hair. From clips to section to pin the top layer of hair to the sidelines. Using a ceramic round brush , gently brush and dry over low heat, sliding over the scalp for large waves of elasticity.

Not only can you find the best hair extension brush from Viola, but also all the necessary tools, equipment and hair care needed for the extension to look and feel amazing throughout the entire period of use, all available to order and buy in one place.

Our extensions have the longest warranty in the UK of 190 days, however, with proper hair care, brushes and maintenance, extensions can easily last a year or more. The Viola warranty kit  includes a specially formulated shampoo and  conditioner d, as  well as a  brush for combing,  so you can have everything you need to make the extensions look and feel amazing.

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