A comb is one of the hairdressing tools that is essential when styling your hair. Of course, it would seem that it is simple to choose.  However, with so many types, it turns out that it is not so easy. Modern hairdressing combs have many properties. They are resistant to high temperatures and hairdressing chemicals as well as mechanical damage. They also usually have anti-static properties and are made of high-quality plastic.

Professional hair combs

A characteristic feature of this type of comb is a wide spacing of teeth. This makes them perfect for combing hair, even wet hair. Additionally, it is perfect for combing curly hair. Thanks to the wide spacing of the teeth the comb does not damage the structure and does not tear the hair. It can also be used while blow-drying your hair. It adds body and volume.

Cutting combs for hairdressing

A characteristic feature of this type of comb is a skewer placed on one side. On the other side, however, it has fine teeth. With this combination, the styling comb can be used to easily style varnished hair. With the help of the "fork" you can easily lift the hair at the roots and give it overall volume.

Hair cutting combs

The backcombing comb has a special spike with which you can create partings and separate hair sections easily. In addition, the densely spaced teeth on the second part of the comb make it easy to tease the strands. And thanks to the longer teeth you can even out your hairstyle.

This type of comb is divided into two sections with dense, fairly thin teeth on one side and thicker and less spaced teeth on the other. This arrangement makes it easier to hold the ends of the strands while clipping and will also make it easier to cut bangs. Trimming combs are essential in hair salons.

Hair salon combs

Treatment combs and pin tail comb make it easier to apply dyes or conditioners. They are characterized by widely spaced thick teeth. With the help of such a comb you can easily comb tangled long dry or wet hair.

How do I care for my hair combs?

Combs used on a daily basis should always be cleaned regularly. Regular use accumulates styling product residues, sebum, dust and other dirt on the teeth. Therefore, it is advisable to rinse the comb with shampoo and water once a week and wipe it dry.

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