Malibu C CPR
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A solution for discoloured hair

Discoloured hair is a common problem that women face regardless of their age. It can be caused by a variety of factors. Exposure to environmental pollutants, harsh chemicals in hair dyes, and genetics can all contribute to discolouration. Regardless of the cause, it is essential to understand how to treat and prevent discoloured hair to maintain healthy-looking hair extensions.

One way to treat discoloured hair is to avoid hair dyes and styling products that contain harsh chemicals such as alcohol. Frequent washing and conditioning with gentle products bereft of harmful substances can also help prevent discolouration. Additionally, protecting your hair extensions from environmental factors such as pollution and UV radiation can help keep hair colour vibrant. To prevent discolouration it is also crucial to maintain a healthy hair care routine. Regular trimming to remove split ends and avoiding heat styling can prevent further hair breakage and discolouration.

Support for discoloured hair

Malibu C are hair treatment products designed to remove buildup and impurities from the hair and scalp. They are formulated with a blend of natural ingredients, including antioxidant vitamin C and nourishing plant proteins, to help restore hair health and vitality. It is designed to be used as a weekly treatment to maintain the health of your hair extensions and keep it looking its best. Malibu C formula is 100% vegan, which makes it perfect for everyone who cares about sustainability and our planet.

Malibu C for discoloured hair is free of harsh chemicals like sulphates, parabens, and sodium chloride, making it a safe and effective choice for those with sensitive scalps or chemically treated hair. With regular use, this treatment can help improve the overall texture and manageability of your hair. What is important, the products of this brand provide immediate revitalization of hair - also hair extensions!

Combining proper daily care with harmless treatment products, such as Malibu C, will result in a great improvement of your hair extensions. Hair discolouration is a fairly common issue that can be successfully treated and easily prevented.

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