All professional hairdressers need to make sure they have the best tools and equipment, the Viola online store not only has the best human hair extensions in the UK, but also amazing hairdressing tools.  Sharp and  comfortable hairdressing scissors ideal for cutting and mixing, hair extensions. As well as elegant clippers, easy to measure with incredibly sharp blades.

Hairdresser's scissors

For all hair extensions, from Nano rings to  tapes and weave to pre-bonded, they must be blended into the client's natural hair for a seamless fit.  Viola hairdressing scissors are made of Japanese stainless steel, so they remain sharp and reliable thanks to the regulatory nsion and convenient finger rest.

Thinning scissors

Viola also has thin scissors ideal for easy mixing of hair extensions, with 25 sharp teeth for a precise and natural finish. With tensioners for a perfect fit and comfortable gel inserts.

Hair Extension Styling

You can not only order fantastic extensions, but also the necessary styling tools. With bristle brushes, but also sectional clips ideal for holding air for application and styling.  To prepare natural hair  and extensions for styling, you should always add thermal protection such as  Viola shock and protective spray, as this will add shine and layers to reduce damage.

With temperature-controlled hair straighteners ,  which are ideal to prolong styling, whether it is straightening or curling, they are an essential hairdressing tool.

All our hair extensions are made from the finest double-pulled Slavic human hair, with the  longest warranty in the UK of 190 days with proper care, it can easily last much longer. With top-notch hair care products like shampoo and conditioner, as well as an enriching deep nourishing extension,  Boost is also a sweet no-rinse protein spray.


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