Pre-bonded hair extensions – a secure method

If you want to length your hair, or add thickness professional hair extensions are the best option. Rather than adding clip-in extensions just for special occasions why not have your hair look amazing every single day.

The beauty of pre-bonded extensions is how secure they are and the freedom the extensionist has with colour matching and blending. With both U-tip extensions and the new flat tip extensions when heated or with the use of cold fusion the bonds can be moulded around the natural hair and creating a small, neat bonds.

What are Flat tip hair extensions?

Exciting new addition to Viola hair extensions is the flat tip, available in 18”, 20” and 22” and a verity of beautiful colours. Each tip has a small flat tip made of the highest quality keratin, when heated the tips can be formed around the natural hair. The flat tips can be cut to create smaller bonds for around the front of the hair, or mixed with another colour for a natural blend.


There are a number of ways to apply pre bonded hair extensions, originally it was only with the use of heat fusion tools, now new technology has introduced cold fusion bonding. The Ultrasonic hair extensions connector, uses sonic waves to melt the keratin without the use of heat, which is better on the health of the hair and reduces the chances of burning yourself or your client.

Viola online shop offers all the tools needed to safely apply pre bonded hair extensions. From heat fusion tools, to keratin rebonds of maintenance, to heat shields and finger protectors to allow for a clean and safe allocation. All available to buy in one secure place with a wide choice of fast and tracked delivery services.

Viola Hair Extensions – A leading hair extensions supplier

At Viola we pride ourselves on the quality of our hair extensions. All our hair has been ethically sourced with the natural alignment maintained, ensuring that the hair stays tangle-free throughout its life span.

Our professional hair extensions are all Double drawn, Remy Russian Slavic human hair, we offer the longest guarantee in the UK of 190 days. With the use of Viola aftercare which has been specially formulated to leave the best results, correct application by a qualified extensionist, regular maintenance the hair will last well over a year.

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