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 Proper hair care is the key to healthy and beautiful hair. Professional hair care products in the form of conditioners and masks will help you achieve shiny and smooth hair. So, what do you want to do with your hair? We are happy to answer! Your best bet is both a conditioner and a mask. These are both cosmetics that differ in their composition and mode of action, and both are necessary for your hair to look its best.

Our online shop Viola Hair Extensions is the place to find the best extension hair care products in the UK. Our cosmetics contain valuable ingredients that moisturize and help fight with hair loss. Dry, dull hair? Our offer includes fully professional products that will take care of your hair in a proper and gentle way.

Hair Extensions Care Products  - the quick way to shiny hair

Conditioner is a hair product with a soft, easy-to-apply consistency, which is applied immediately after shampooing. It has a powerful conditioning effect. Its purpose is to quickly improve the appearance and condition of strands. Such conditioning preparations make brushing easier, make strands more flexible, give them shine and freshness, but also protect hair from damage and strengthen them. Conditioners contain a small amount of rebuilding substances, so their effect is rather short-lived and usually lasts until the next wash, which does not mean that we should give up on them. Thanks to their use we can finally forget about the problem of tangled, dull, dry and unpleasant to the touch hair.

Masks for Hair Extensions - good for your hair extensions

A hair mask is a completely different kind of hair care product. Hair masks do not have the same superficial effect as conditioners. Hair masks penetrate the hair structure and the scalp, which is why they have a deep penetrating effect. They contain many valuable substances, such as vitamins, plant extracts, keratin, panthenol and ceramides. Thanks to the wealth of ingredients with a beneficial effect on hair, hair masks mainly rebuild the structure of strands, nourish, regenerate and deeply moisturize, and the effects of their use are visible for a long time. Hair Mask is a cosmetic, which each of us should use in our daily hair care. The preparation will protect healthy and strong hair from damage, whereas weak and damaged hair will be regenerated and rebuilt.

Hair Conditioner for Human Hair Extensions - Characteristics

Hair conditioners are products, which complement basic hair care. Every day, hair is exposed to weather conditions, air pollution or mechanical factors and therefore requires more than just washing with a cleansing shampoo. Conditioners are usually products with a light, easily spreading consistency. Their task is to quickly improve the appearance of hair and make it easier to comb after washing.

Hair Masks - Characteristics

Hair masks are special-purpose cosmetics. Their consistency is thicker, more compact and concentrated. They contain a large number of active ingredients, their duration and form of application are also of great importance. Usually, in comparison with conditioners, masks need to stay on the hair longer. Systematic use of masks improves the condition of hair, improves its structure, regenerates, gives shine and elasticity.

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