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Many women dream of having long hair. Unfortunately, sometimes despite all attempts to grow them, women do not manage to get the desired hairstyle. Many women reach for a variety of preparations, which are designed to strengthen the hair and make it grow faster. But there is a much simpler way, the effects of which are visible immediately after application. We are talking about hair extensions with microrings.

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Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Microring hair extensions are usually installed by a hairdresser in order to achieve a particularly beautiful and long-lasting result. This is very precise work and is best done by a professional. In order to use the Microring method you will need some accessories. The strands for Microrings have an I-shaped end. They are available in different colors, lengths and textures at hairdressing salons and online stores. In addition, you need special pliers and beads, also called microrings. We have a range of microrings in our store which are lined with silicone to protect your hair when the ring is tightened.

Human Hair Extensions

The advantage of Microring Extensions is that they are easy to remove. If you feel that they are too close to your scalp you can take them off and put them on again. This is not possible with other methods that use glue. The great advantage of this method is that you can use the same strands again.

Silicone Lined Copper Tubes

To attach the strands you need special pliers and small micro rings. It is very easy and convenient to attach and remove the hair strands. You do not need to use any solvents. When attaching the rings it is very important to wash your hair with a deep cleansing shampoo before the process.

Microring Hair Care

Taking care of microrings is, like with most hair extensions, more time-consuming than taking care of your natural hair. It is best to use special hair care products recommended by your hairdresser. Care is required during washing and drying. Using special brushes and combs will help avoid frustration and prolong the life of the hairpieces. This is usually about three months - if individual strands fall out earlier, they are fortunately quite easy to replace. The extensions are removed at the end of the wearing time using Microring pliers so that they can be easily removed from the hair. When caring for your hair, be careful with cosmetics containing any oils and only use them on the length of your hair and avoid connecting areas.

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