5 hairstyles for new year's eve

Are you planning a party but do not have the time or inclination to visit a professional hair stylist? This does not mean that you should not look spectacular this evening. Simple, low-maintenance hairstyles can also look classy and stylish. We guarantee it! What do you need to do to get the WOW effect? Use hair clips, Alice bands, bows or other hair accessories. But that's not all! If you want to make sure that you look trendy and don't make any faux pas, go for classic updos. You may find inspiration and concrete tips for your easy DIY hairstyle in our gallery below. 


For those of you who are short on time, we have come up with a few hair styles, which require no special skills and can be styled in just five minutes. Which of the hairstyles appealed to you best? 


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Simple Hairstyles for the Party - Hairpins and Bows 

Hair jewellery is still in fashion. What's more, there is no sign that hair clips or bows will become boring in a few months' time. You can buy them (literally!) everywhere. Celebrities have gone wild for hair accessories! The Evidence? Popular actresses, singers, models and celebrities increasingly adorn their hair with bobby pins, bows and hair pins as seen in official pictures from award ceremonies and other industry events.  

The Classics Are Still on Trend 

If hair jewellery does not appeal to you, go for a universal and timeless hair style. Ariana Grande's ponytail, a ballerina's low chignon or Hollywood waves? The classics never go out of style. Keep this in mind when you are getting ready for your carnival party, wedding or other big event. 

Easy hairstyles to do yourself - the hairband 

The hairband is another accessory that has been making a comeback for years. Popular chain stores carry many hair bands decorated with stones, pearls or glitter. This is a great option for a party! Richly adorned Alice bands complete the "outfit" (we like them best when matched with a little black dress) and make every hair style look classy, even the simplest. 

The Stylish Ponytail - Always a Party Hairstyle 

Ponytails are easy to do, practical and very versatile. You can wear the ponytail to school, work, out with friends or even to formal events like weddings or banquets if you like it a bit more sophisticated. As a rule, ponytails are not just welcome in business environments. 

Here are two ways to wear a ponytail to a party. The first one is a very girly updo based on curls with a braid on top of the head. This style is very practical as it holds the hair in place without making it look dull. 

Party Hairstyles with Open Hair 

Going to a party with your hair down is quick and convenient. Especially soft waves or straight but thick long hair look great with undone hair. However, you may like to vary your hair style by opting for soft braids. 

Delicate braids with hair strands close to the face and secured with an elastic band in the back of the head give summer hair styles their special flair. They are reminiscent of hairstyles from the 1970s. Otherwise, open hair with side braids looks best. 

 A more youthful version of the party hairstyle with loose hair and braid is the one where the braid is braided on the side and left like this - falling to the shoulder. 

 Party Chignons - Practical Hairstyles 

Chignons are hairstyles for long hair that don't get boring. They can be pinned on top of the head or above the nape of the neck, and can be loosened or meticulously arranged. There are also variations of formal, elegant chignons as well as those perfect for a house party or concert. 

 One way to do a chignon is to take inspiration from the pin-up style. This solution is ideal for girls who have bangs. 


It is also a good idea to add an interesting accent in the form of hair ornaments. You can find them on WP bargain radar. 

Besides, chignons and braids are still in fashion. A hit is the bottom braided hairstyle, which ends in a charming chignon on top of the head. 

Party Hairstyles - Variations on Braids 

Youthful charm and extreme comfort - this is what party hairstyles with braids are good for above all. They are practical because they hold the hair in place without the need for styling products. 

 The first suggestion for this hairstyle is two matching braids, which are tied into a ponytail at the back of the head. An option is to take both braids and braid them together into one braid. 

 The second option for a party hairstyle with a braid is to gather the hair on the top of the head and braid it, then wrap it into an aesthetically pleasing bun.