Viola's guide to glamorous hairstyles worn down


  1. Soft waves
  2. Voluminous curls
  3. Sleek and straight
  4. Half-up Hollywood waves
  5. Boho-chic braided accents
  6. Practical tips from Viola

Wearing your hair down is a timeless and versatile way to showcase your natural beauty. Viola brings forth a collection of glamorous hairstyles that celebrate the allure of letting your locks flow freely. From casual chic to red carpet glamour, Viola's ideas will inspire you to embrace the elegance of wearing your hair down with confidence.


Soft waves hair extensions


Soft waves

Soft waves are a Viola favourite for achieving an effortlessly glamorous look. Whether you have a casual day out or a special evening event, loose waves add a touch of sophistication. Use a curler to create gentle waves, allowing your hair to cascade elegantly around your shoulders. This style complements various occasions and is perfect for achieving that coveted "effortless chic" vibe.

Voluminous curls

For a more glamorous and red carpet-ready appearance, Viola suggests opting for voluminous curls. This hairstyle adds drama and flair to your look, making it ideal for formal events or a night out on the town. Use a curler with a larger barrel to create bouncy curls that exude glamour and capture attention. Finish with a light-hold hairspray to maintain the volume without sacrificing movement.


Sleek and straight hair extensions


Sleek and straight

Viola understands the power of sleek, straight hair when it comes to achieving a polished and elegant appearance. This classic look is perfect for both professional settings and glamorous evenings. Use a flat iron to achieve a smooth, straight finish, and consider adding a shine serum for a glossy effect. Sleek and straight hair exudes sophistication and can be a stunning choice for a variety of events.

Half-up Hollywood waves

Combining the charm of Hollywood waves with the ease of wearing your hair down, Viola recommends the half-up Hollywood waves. Create soft, retro-inspired waves in the upper section of your hair while leaving the rest to flow freely. This style strikes the perfect balance between glamour and casual, making it a versatile option for different occasions.

Boho-chic braided accents

For a bohemian-inspired glamour, Viola suggests incorporating braided accents into your down hairstyle. Create loose braids along the sides or incorporate a small crown braid for a touch of boho-chic elegance. This style is ideal for outdoor events, weddings, or any occasion where you want to radiate a carefree yet sophisticated vibe.


Practical tips from Viola Hair Extensions


Practical tips from Viola

Hair Health is Key: Viola emphasizes the importance of maintaining healthy hair. Regular trims, nourishing treatments, and using heat protectants are essential to keep your locks looking glamorous and vibrant.

Accessorize for Extra Glam: Consider adding accessories like hairpins, embellished clips, or a statement headband to elevate your down hairstyle. Accessories can turn a simple look into a dazzling ensemble.

Choose Styles that Suit Your Face Shape: Viola encourages everyone to consider their face shape when choosing glamorous down hairstyles. Certain styles may accentuate your features more effectively, so don't hesitate to consult with your hairstylist for personalized advice.

Wearing your hair down can be a statement of elegance and confidence. Viola's glamorous hairstyle ideas cater to various preferences, occasions, and personalities. Whether you're aiming for Hollywood glamour, boho-chic vibes, or effortless waves, Viola's expertise guides you through achieving a glamorous down hairstyle that resonates with your unique style. Embrace the allure of your flowing locks and step into every occasion with confidence and glamour.