Facts and myths about hair extensions

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    Facts and myths about hair extensions

    Find out if there is a risk that hair extensions will damage your hair.

    Do hair extensions damage hair? This is the question that bothers everyone who wants to give their hairstyle a spectacular makeover. Despite some concerns, hair extensions are becoming more and more popular. This is the fastest way to give our hair the volume and length we dream of. However, what to do in order to avoid disappointment related to the condition of our hair after the first WOW effect? What factors should be taken into account and what conditions must be met to maintain the achieved result?

    Safe methods of hair extensions do exist, and what's more, there are more and more of them. However, while they offer a number of possibilities, wearing hair extensions can damage our natural hair and even cause it to fall out if proper precautions are not taken. Fortunately, these problems can be avoided as long as a few important considerations are taken into account before, during and after extending your hair.


    Safe methods of hair extensions do exist

     Safe hair extensions exist

    Let's start with the basic issue. The answer to the question of whether hair extensions damage hair is NO. Hair extensions will not damage your hair if they are professionally fitted, attached, and taken care of. In the past, hair extensions had a rather poor reputation. For example, clip-in extensions used to be very visible in the hair and - due to poorly designed clips - put a strain on the hair follicles. Today it is a safe option, especially if we are looking for something less durable, e.g. for a special occasion. However, there are still many false opinions circulating on the Internet, which may discourage some people and raise doubts as to whether hair extensions are safe. Many myths related to hair extensions are repeated by people who have never had anything to do with it... Some of them were unlucky and ended up in the wrong hands. So let's check what the situation is really like.

    The safest method of hair extensions

    Extensions that have been professionally fitted, weighed and measured make the extra hair virtually unnoticeable and cause no discomfort – whether these are tape-in hair extensions keratin hair nano ring hair extensions or tape hair extensions. The longer you wear them, the more natural they should feel. In fact, before you know it, you'll feel incomplete without them. It is important that the method and hair are properly matched. In a professional salon, each client is given adequate time to get to know her hair and requirements.


    Hair extensions


    We've all seen the photos shared on social media, which definitely do not encourage hair extensions. Mismatched colours and connections visible at first glance prove only that the person who attached the extensions didn't have enough knowledge and skills to do it right. So coming back to the question of whether hair extensions damage hair - if you put yourself in the hands of someone who isn't a professional, there is no guarantee about the result.

    Do hair extensions damage hair if it was in good condition before?

    Your hair won’t become damaged, brittle, broken or start thinning - it will remain healthy if it was like that before. So it's good to take care of your natural hair early enough, and it's best to do it all the time. The same is true for hair extensions aftercare. Just as we don't want our natural hair to be dull and tangled after washing - and that's why we use conditioners and lotions - the same way hair extensions won’t get tangled if we stick to our care routine. Having hair extensions, you can wash your hair as often as necessary for your hair type. You'll keep your scalp clean and hydrated by using a gentle and moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. It is also worth reaching for special cosmetics for hair extensions that will keep them in great condition.


    Do hair extensions damage natural hair?

    Do hair extensions damage natural hair?

    This can happen if you opt for synthetic hair. Compared to natural hair, it is very heavy, can seriously weaken the roots, and even lead to hair loss. So the choice should be obvious because when deciding we have a huge impact on whether hair extensions damage the hair or not. Instead of searching the Internet for phrases like ‘the least invasive hair extension method’, ‘keratin hair extensions do they damage hair’, it is better to go to the source. Namely, to a reputable salon, where we will receive comprehensive and expert knowledge of what will work best in our case. Just because someone is delighted with their micro ring hair extensions, doesn't mean that it will be the same for you. Perhaps tape weft hair extensions will work better. Undoubtedly, thanks to professional support and a properly selected method of extension, we will gain beautiful and healthy hair that we will enjoy long after leaving the salon.