Learn tips for balancing facial proportions with a deft cut, length and hairstyle.

Table of contents:

  1. Bob
  2. High updos
  3. Wavy hair


Hairstyle is not only a styling element, but also a key aspect of shaping our figure and personal expression. For many people, it is important to find a hairstyle that not only enhances their beauty, but also complements their facial features for a slenderer look. In today's article, we take a look at fashionable hairstyles that are known for their ability to slim the face.




The bob haircut is one of the most classic and versatile haircuts that can be successfully adapted to different hair lengths and styles. The classic bob is characterised by short hair, usually reaching the jawline or shorter, with equal lengths at the front and back. However, there are many other variations of the bob, such as asymmetrical, layered or fringed, making it adaptable to individual preferences.


Classic bob: is usually characterised by equal lengths of hair in the front and back. This evenness helps to create a uniform line around the face, which can make the face appear slenderer. By avoiding hairstyles that are too long, which can emphasise the width of the face, you can create the effect of an elongated silhouette.


Asymmetrical bob: one side is slightly longer than the other, which can help to soften facial features. This asymmetry draws attention, which can introduce the illusion of an elongated facial line.


Fringe bob: short and straight fringes can be a great addition to this hairstyle. The fringe can help to soften facial features and also give a more dynamic look.


Layered bob: layering the hair in a bob style is another element that can help to visually slim the face. The subtle shading adds volume and texture, which can make the face appear slenderer.


Curly bob: gentle curls add lightness and texture to the hairstyle, which can soften features and introduce a slimming effect. Slightly curled ends also add subtlety and elegance.




High updos, such as chignons, ponytails or other hairstyles on top of the head, can create an optically slimming effect on the face for several reasons. High updos lift more hair to the top of the head, which optically lengthens the silhouette of the face. Focusing more volume on top makes the face appear slimmer and more proportionate. High updos, especially chignons, lift hair from the nape area. This lifting of the nape line can make the face appear more elongated, especially if the hairstyle is concentrated closer to the top of the head. High hairstyles can introduce the illusion of an elongated facial silhouette. When hair is raised to the top, the gaze is led upwards, visually lengthening the facial area. High updos can soften the roundness of the face, especially if the hairstyle is worn loose and falls gently to the sides. This softening of facial features can make the face appear slenderer. Tall hairstyles focus attention on the top of the head, which can draw attention away from the width of the face. If attention is drawn to a visual effect that is high, more focused on the top, the facial area will appear more proportionate. High updos, especially when done carefully and with elegance, can give the whole silhouette a certain style and class. This styling element can focus attention on the overall look rather than specific facial features. High updos allow you to manipulate the volume of your hair. Adding volume at the top of the head can make the face appear slimmer, especially if the rest of the hairstyle is kept more compact.




Wavy hair can be effective in visually slimming the face, especially if styled properly. Wavy hair, especially when worn loose, adds volume at the top of the head. This extra volume can optically lengthen the face, giving it a more proportional shape. Waves bring texture and movement to the hair, which can soften facial features and make it appear more balanced. Gentle waves that surround the face create a soft effect that can soften angles and roundness. Wavy hair creates a break in the monotone pattern, which can draw attention away from specific facial features. This break in pattern adds dynamism and helps create a more balanced look. Wavy hair, especially if it falls freely along the face, can introduce the illusion of an elongated line, which is beneficial for visually slimming the face. Adding waves to the chin area can soften facial features and optically slim the area. The wavy strands surrounding the chin can create a subtle frame effect that optically shapes the facial area. The structure of the wavy hair adds variety to the look, which draws attention to the hairstyle itself and not necessarily to the shape of the face. This can help to create a more proportional look. Subtle curls at the ends of the hair can further accentuate movement and texture. These subtle curls, especially if directed away from the face, can visually slim it down.


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The right hairstyle can work wonders in shaping and visually slimming the face. The key is to adapt your hairstyle to your individual facial features and preferences. It is also a good idea to consult an experienced hair stylist to help you find the perfect hairstyle for your face shape and expectations.