Grey hair - how to wear it not to look old?

Grey hair

Grey hair - how to wear it not to look old?

Grey hair is not a sign of old age today. Just the opposite. More and more women dye their hair grey in order to get an extraordinary hairstyle. Others let their hair change according to the natural life cycle. However, it is always necessary to take proper care of the grey colour in order to maintain its shine and make sure the hair has a healthy structure.

The colour of our hair is a characteristic of each person and depends on the amount of melanin it contains. Grey strands appear when we lose this pigment completely. Until a decade or so ago, greying of hair was associated with reaching a particular age, which meant... old age. At the appearance of the first grey hair, women would rush to the hairdresser to mask the unwanted evidence indicating their age. Older ladies could be seen in purple, which was very fashionable at the time. Some women dye their hair all their adult lives, especially the roots, so that no signs of aging are clearly visible.

Grey hair extensions

Grey hair at an increasingly young age

Nowadays, many women notice their first grey hair at a very early age. The main reasons for this phenomenon are: excessive stress, unhealthy lifestyle, diet poor in vitamins and smoking or not enough sleep. That’s why very young people began to buy dyes or colour their hair at the hairdresser's. What’s more grey hair has been a reason for unpleasant jokes and embarrassment. However, over the past few years we can see a fashionable trend towards grey hair. Many celebrities or actresses have started opting for a natural hair shade, boasting about their grey hair. Moreover, advertisements have also begun to emphasize the natural look of grey hair. Why?

Grey hair natural look

Grey hair as a sign of natural look

More and more women are choosing to leave their natural hair shade and forgo spending a fortune on "rejuvenation" just to meet the expectations of others. Grey hair has become a reason for pride, an expression of full self-acceptance, as well as a sign of natural look, which is very much in vogue nowadays. The media emphasizes the importance of being natural, not only in terms of makeup, but also hair colour. That's why grey hair has begun to receive positive attention. It is becoming more and more popular every year, as it accentuates facial features and adds nobility to them.

Grey hair has become incredibly fashionable not only among older women, but also among the younger ones. More and more often, women decide not only to forego dying their grey hair, but they specially dye it to HAVE grey hair. It's because it gives incredible charm and grace to a woman of any age. For those who are still unconvinced - note that many of us pay huge amounts of money to hairdressers to get natural hair colour. Grey hair, properly styled and cared for, can create a wow effect and make us feel extremely feminine with it. So one question remains: how to wear and care for it?

Grey hair care

Grey hair care

Grey hair is worth taking care of to enhance your beauty and give yourself a youthful look. This is because its texture becomes harder and stiffer due to the lack of pigment. Beautiful grey hair has a clean and cool shade of steel or silver. To take care of grey hair, you should use the right products to enhance its natural colour. Moisturizing cosmetics containing aloe, honey, glycerol or sorbitol are especially recommended. Shampoos should be as gentle as possible not to damage the hair structure. It is worth implementing a grey hair rinse to maintain its natural colour and shine as it can often turn yellow - sun and cigarette smoke are factors that typically accelerate the yellowing of the strands. Cosmetics with proteins and anti-UV filters should also be introduced because grey hair is very prone to excessive drying and, consequently, high brittleness, due to the lack of a natural dye - melanin, which protects natural hair from sunlight.

Grey look

Go for a "grey" look

Are you dreaming of grey hair? Your best bet is to go to an experienced hairdresser who can create a variety of hairstyles, highlighting natural grey hair or creating one from scratch. The right cut will highlight grey strands of hair and rejuvenate facial features. Layered, short or medium-length hair will work great as well as long and gentle waves which will give lightness to the hairstyle. Long gone are the days of hiding grey hairs, moreover, the possibilities of getting the hairstyle of your dreams regardless of hair colour have increased. If you are struggling with fragile and brittle hair, the answer is hair extensions of all colours, even grey, thanks to which you will create a beautiful and feminine hairstyle. However, if you want to mask your grey hair, you can go for natural blonde hair, natural brown hair or any other shade. They are attached using a variety of methods. A specialist will choose the best one for you depending on your preferences, needs and hair condition.