Long-lasting hairstyle: hair preparation, hair styling products

Natural thick and healthy hair, which is not overburdened by colouring or straightening treatments, needs more styling work.

Natural curls or slightly wavy hair may look out of place after a prolonged period of time. Updos and chignons of all kinds require extensive backcombing and hold.

Thin, fine hair is more difficult to style and less likely to stay in place if it is voluminous and smoothly combed. This is where all kinds of hair extensions and add-ons come in handy. You can find them at Viola Hair. Bet on professional products such as:

  • 22 inches hair
  • 16 inches hair 
  • 20 inch hair
  • 26 inch hair
  • Proper hair care

    Do you have to grow your hair before the wedding and do not trim the ends regularly?

    Wrong ! Even the longest hair in poor condition and with split ends will not look good. Damaged and dry ends need to be trimmed, unfortunately no amount of styling products can completely mend the split ends.

    Long before your wedding day, treat your hair to nourishing masks and ampoules. Apply micronutrient-enriched serums and conditioners. All these treatments will give your hair the necessary resilience and shine.

    But limit these treatments before the wedding as too much conditioning products can weigh your hair down and make it less slippery and less amenable to styling products.

    Changing color

    Are you thinking about a color change? Are you bored with your natural or existing hair color and want a makeover?

    Women who colour their hair should take time to choose the right color. Colouring your hair should not be a matter of chance. The hair color must perfectly match your skin type, complexion and your personal taste. Remember, from blonde to brunette in no time at all, and vice versa. Such drastic changes in hair color will only lead to hair damage. Have your hair professionally colored at a salon 3 months before the wedding. Do not try to make changes on your own. If the color turns out to be perfect you can do it again closer to your wedding date to keep your hair fresh and shiny. If it doesn't turn out that way and you need to make adjustments, there is still plenty of time to find the best shade for your hair without damaging it and do a recolor.

     Hair Style Inspirations

    Start looking for images of your dream wedding hair style. You may find lots of inspiration and ideas on the Internet. Print out all pictures of hair styles that particularly interest you and catch your eye. 

    When selecting your hairstyle consider the length of your hair, your favorite style, your beauty, the cut of your wedding dress and neckline and the theme of your wedding.

    Trial Hairstyles

    For your trial hairstyle, be sure to bring with you all the inspiration and accessories you would like to have in your hair; veil, headpiece, tiara, flowers or other decorations. During the styling process, don't be afraid to tell us what you would like to change or improve. Any suggestions and comments will help to achieve the final effect, which should be 100% satisfactory for you.

    During the trial hairstyle you will also learn what you need to have with you on the day of the wedding to keep your hairstyle looking good. Spare bobby pins or hair clips, hairspray, and a small curling iron are all you need. The hairstyle stays in place for the duration of the wedding festivities.

    How do I prepare for the haircut?

    Thoroughly Washing Your Head

    Wash your head three times with a degreasing shampoo (for oily hair or with an anti-dandruff shampoo) to remove impurities from the scalp. Do not apply any oiling preparations, i.e. masks/conditioners. In exceptional cases with combing problems, we may only use a light conditioner on the very ends.

    Rinsing out the hair extensively

    Rinse the hair with a generous amount of water to make sure that it has been well cleansed. After such a process, we must always dry the hair 100% with a hair dryer.

    Make sure your hair is not wet

    Now, we need to wait for at least an hour so that the hair can definitely lose its moisture. This will contribute to the better strength of the hairstyle. I pay attention not to come in slightly damp hair, because then this process does not make sense.

    Effective ways to get permanent curls

    You can distinguish several types of curls - thick curls, small curls, springs or gentle waves. Some curls last no more than a day and straighten out after shampooing, while others last longer.

    Perms make sure that the curls last longer. They permanently change the structure of your hair. A curling iron or rollers will only create a short-lived hairstyle.