The best long haircut styles for women in 2021

Do you have long hair? You're in luck! You can leave it down or create many more different hairstyles. The trends for 2021 are braids, romantic waves and the bubble ponytail. If you don't want to spend hours in front of the mirror, take a look at our picks for quick and trendy long hairstyles. You can do them in less than five minutes. If you're tired of traditional ponytails, check out our ideas for stylish hairstyles and quick styles. These include the cheeky ponytail or the layered ponytail.

What if you want long hair and have been trying to grow it, but to no avail? Then there is help - tape hair extensions and secret hair extensions. Make sure you take good care of your hair extensions. Special cosmetics and professional accessories such as hair extension brush.

For starters, there are a few tricks to keep your long hair looking its best. Trimming your hair regularly is a good way to keep the ends even and tidy.

Trendy hairstyles for spring/summer 2021 

The bubble ponytail is particularly fashionable this year. How do you do it? Simply tie your hair up in a ponytail and tie in hair bands a few inches apart down the ponytail. This style looks great and can be done in less than five minutes. It's best to get some thin hairbands beforehand, preferably transparent or the same colour as your hair. 

Quick and easy trendy hairstyles for long hair 

It takes a long time to do the traditional spike. How about a little cheating? We assure you that this trick pays off! How to create a fake tousled hairstyle? 

  • Tie your hair into a ponytail 
  • Take two thin strands from the edges of the ponytail 
  • Tie them together with a rubber band 
  • Stretch the strands a little to give the ponytail more volume 

        Pick another two strands from the edges of the ponytail and secure with a scrunchy 

  • Repeat this process until you reach the end of the ponytail 

If you prefer your hair down, check out this year's trendy haircuts. The Instagram hit is undoubtedly the a'la curtain fringe. Curtain bangs are loved by the biggest stars. This side-swept fringe works well with long hair. 

What else is on trend? Romantic soft waves and a simple middle parting are back in fashion, as well as crimped hair. 

Long hair cutting style for female

Spring 2021 is all about long and mid-length hair, usually worn down. The hair can be parted in the middle or with a side parting. The hair can be styled with a brush, curled with a curling iron or completely straightened with an iron. Alice bands and turbans, which were popular at Dior, Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana among others, are the perfect accessory this spring. Do you prefer to wear your hair tied up for everyday use? There are several chignon styles to choose from, all of which are styled in low chignons at neck level and ponytails.

Fringes are also back in Spring 2021, usually long and covering the eyebrows, or shorter. In the latter case, they should be fringed or even slightly tousled. Wet looks, or hairstyles that imitate wet hair, are also a recurring trend this spring. Wet looks are not only suitable for long hair, but mainly for the super trendy bob cut.

As far as fashionable hair accessories for spring 2021 are concerned, we must not forget about hair clips. You can choose from minimalist bobby pins or glamorous, jewellery-like models. These are the perfect way to give your hairstyle that chic edge.

Hairstyles for spring 2021: with fringes

The most fashionable fringe this spring is long, thick and covers the eyebrows. It ideally suits straight or slightly wavy hair.

Hairstyles for Spring 2021: waves

Do you love your hair to have soft waves? Go for surf or 70s styles, which are best styled with fairly large rollers. This option is also perfect for hair with fringes.

Hairstyles for Spring 2021: side part haircut

This is another variation of the simplest hairstyle, which can quickly change your look. The hair can be parted softly behind the ear or left loose for a romantic look.

Hairstyles for Spring 2021: chignons

Do you prefer to not have your hair down? Be the queen of the chignon this spring. These chignons can be more or less elegant, but they all have one thing in common: they should be tied up low in the nape of the neck.

Hairstyles for spring 2021: the wet look

This hairstyle is an absolute classic for spring/summer. This effect is achieved by using a strong hold hair gel.

Hairstyles for Spring 2021: hair bands

As far as fashionable hair accessories for spring 2021 are concerned, headbands are an absolute hit. They can be made of fabric, metal, with big and small embellishments. These headbands can be worn on both up and down hair.

Hairstyles for spring 2021: hairclips

The second jewellery accessory is hair clips. This time, they're obviously just for decoration! These were also seen on pixie hairstyles!

Hairstyles for spring 2021: long hair with bangs

Long hair with fringes is a timeless style that suits most women and with the right cut helps to even out facial proportions. So how do you choose the right fringe shape and how do you style it? When is it best to avoid it? How do I grow out my fringe once it's gone? We are here to tell you.

Long hair with fringes can visually take years off your appearance. Fringes are also a good choice if you want to change your look but don't want to cut your hair length drastically. The long hair fringe is also a great decision if you plan to visually change the proportions of your face. The right cut and shape will help you achieve this

Long shaggy haircut

It used to be that every other girl had heavily layered hair. Then the trend disappeared for a while. But it only made a comeback with a bang as shaggy hair.

Modern shaggy hairstyles are very stylish, characterful and full of movement. No matter what version you go for. Short hairstyles are sexy, as are medium-length and long hairstyles with several layers.

It's a good hairstyle for young girls as well as women. Any of us will look simply adorable with this hairstyle. What's more, shaggy hair gives your hair volume and weightlessness.

Who can wear shaggy hair?

As mentioned above, shaggy hair is actually a style for just about everyone. Of course, as long as your fringe fits, which you can check out in one of our previous posts.

In general, the tousled fringe will suit people with:

  • oval (the straight version is best here)

        Round (yes, this is a great idea as the fringe is sideways and layered to                   slim the face)

  • Square (fringed version to soften facial features)
  • Shaggy hair is also a good option for fine, thick, straight and curly hair. All of them!

For fine hair, a shaggy cut will add a lot of volume and make it appear thicker. For thick hair, the cut will add lightness and make it easier to comb. A skilfully cut hairstyle for straight or curly hair certainly adds a lot to the appearance of your hair and makes you look lovely. If you have straight hair, you can twist it or straighten wavy hair. Either way, you'll look amazing!

Cut for long curly hair

Curly hair looks great! Many women with straight hair dream of having curls. But once nature has given us curly locks, we often have trouble dealing with them. That's why we have created this blog post. Take inspiration from our gallery of hairstyles and find your own style. Curls and twirls can be turned into fun and fashionable hairstyles.

Simply tie up your hair on top of your head and you look different. You can do two buns, one bun or simply tuck a few strands at the roots into a thin ponytail. This will reveal your face and eyes. It's not only trendy but also very comfortable!

Just remember not to tie your hair too tightly on top of your head - after a long day you might feel pain, discomfort or a pulling sensation.

Haircut for square face 

How do I choose a hairstyle for a square face? If you have this face shape you should choose hairstyles which cover the sharp angles of your forehead and your jaw. Alternatively, you may cut your hair in such a way that the sharp lines are optically softened. You should avoid styles where the hair is pinned up smoothly and tightly as the lack of hair around the face makes the sharp features even more prominent. You don't have to go without chignons and ponytails, but make sure you always let a few strands of hair out. If you have a square face, you will look much better with slightly messy, girly hairstyles (curls, waves and volume are definitely a good idea) than with perfectly smooth, even and perfect hairstyles.

When it comes to hairstyles for a square face with fringes, you can certainly go for it. Just choose the right version! Light, slanted or asymmetrical fringes work best for you. Don't go for heavy, straight fringes that cover your entire forehead. This will make your jaw look even more angular!

Haircut for a triangular face - long bob

Certain styling tricks are required to give triangular faces their proper proportions. Most of them involve lengthening the forehead and widening a narrow chin. These measures help to keep the facial features in harmony with the hairstyle for a well-groomed and pleasing appearance. The best solution for triangular faces are fringes, but only short or side-swept fringes and medium length haircuts, which end at or just below chin level. Avoid hairstyles with a middle parting or one that reveals too much of your forehead, such as a sleek ponytail or chignon.

The classic bob is the most popular haircut to give a triangular face the desired proportions. This chameleon-like hairstyle adapts to your personal character and preferences and, with the help of an experienced professional, also to demanding facial features. The best way to achieve this is to cut the hair to the chin line.

Haircut for a round face - layered haircut

After the straight, almost geometric hairstyles in vogue in 2020, we are back to layered hairstyles. Particularly the 90s style with a shortened front section. The biggest inspiration for this look comes from Jennifer Aniston and her iconic, heavily layered hairstyle in the TV series 'Friends'. Rosie Huntigton-Whiteley, Emily Ratajkowski and Amanda Seyfried are also known for their layered haircuts. Layered haircuts optically increase the volume of your hair, making it appear lighter and softer. It also accentuates the curls of wavy or curly hair!