Choosing the perfect hairstyle for your cold-weather celebration



  1. Romantic updo
  2. Long waves
  3. Braided crown
  4. Classic chignon
  5. Snow Queen
  6. Practical tips


A winter wedding is a magical affair, with its crisp air, snowy landscapes, and the promise of everlasting love. As you plan the details of your winter wonderland celebration, one crucial aspect to consider is your hairstyle. The winter season offers a unique backdrop, and selecting the right hairstyle can enhance the beauty of the moment. Let's explore some enchanting hairstyle ideas that will complement the charm of a winter wedding.


Romantic updo


Romantic updo

For a winter wedding, consider an elegant updo adorned with twinkling accessories. This style not only adds a touch of romance but also complements the winter ambiance. Incorporate accessories like crystal hairpins or a delicate tiara to mimic the glistening snow. An updo keeps your hair in place during potential chilly breezes, and the added sparkle adds a whimsical touch to your bridal look.

Long waves

Embrace the winter enchantment by letting your hair cascade in long, loose waves. This style exudes a natural and ethereal beauty that complements the winter landscape. To stay warm during outdoor moments, consider pairing this hairstyle with a faux fur wrap or stole. The combination of flowing waves and a cosy accessory creates a stunning juxtaposition, blending romance with practicality.

Braided crown

A braided crown adorned with winter florals is a picturesque choice for a winter bride. Opt for braids that encircle your head like a crown, adding a touch of fairy tale elegance. Integrate winter blooms like holly, pinecones, or even miniature frosted flowers for a seasonal touch. This hairstyle not only looks enchanting but also stays secure in windy winter conditions.


Classic chignon


Classic chignon

For a timeless and sophisticated winter wedding look, consider a classic chignon. Elevate this traditional style by wrapping a velvet ribbon around the base. Choose a ribbon in a deep, rich colour like burgundy or emerald to complement the winter colour palette. The velvety texture adds warmth and opulence, making it a perfect choice for a formal winter celebration.

Snow Queen

Channel your inner Snow Queen with a high bun that radiates regality and grace. Smoothly pull your hair into a polished bun atop your head and add a subtle shimmer with a touch of silver or iridescent hair accessories. This style is not only chic but also practical for maintaining an elegant look throughout the day.


Practical Tips for Winter Wedding Hairstyles


Practical Tips for Winter Wedding Hairstyles

Weather-Resistant Products: Opt for weather-resistant hair products to combat potential frizz or flyaways caused by winter weather conditions.

Trial Run: Schedule a trial run with your hairstylist before the big day to ensure the chosen hairstyle complements your features and works well with any chosen accessories.

Consider Your Dress Neckline: Coordinate your hairstyle with the neckline of your wedding dress. A detailed neckline may call for an updo, while a strapless gown can beautifully showcase long, flowing waves.

Your winter wedding is an opportunity to showcase your unique style and celebrate the romance of the season. Whether you choose a twinkling updo, flowing waves, a braided crown, a classic chignon, or a regal high bun, your hairstyle should enhance the enchantment of the day. With careful consideration and perhaps a touch of winter magic, your chosen hairstyle will make you feel like the most beautiful winter bride as you embark on your journey of love and joy.