Viola Oval Bristle Brush



Viola New Oval Bristle Brush is specially designed for the care of human hair extensions  it reduces pressure that is put on the bonds, fitting whilst minimising pulling and removes knots and tangles. The Viola offer the best brush for hair extensions this is due to the natural boar bristles natural fibres that support and cushions every bond.

With a choice of either matt black or sleek white, with a perfectly size handle for a comfortable and steady hold.

How to correctly brush hair extensions.

It is important to ensure as little pressure is put onto the bonds as possible as well as avoiding pulling out the extensions along with the natural hair. Start from the ends of the hair and work your way up detangling as you go. Making sure to support the extensions by hold the hair in a ponytail as you brush. With the use of a hair extension hair brush the extensions and the natural hair and extensions will look and feel amazing.

It is vital to use the correct brush for hair extensions, as the wrong brush will pull out not only the hair extensions but also your hair and end up damaging both.
A key feature of perfect hair extensions brushes is natural bristles, this will reduce the static generated when brushing and ensure soft padding for the bonds.

At Viola hair extensions we offer a huge range of extension brushes from large paddle bristle brush to the soft bristle brush from hair extensions as well as ceramic round brush the perfect tool for styling. All available in one place to buy and order with ease from our online shop.

SIZE 22CM (8.5")
For use

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