Italian Keratin Powder

Luxurious power fusion: Strengthen your hair's bond with our Italian keratin powder. Crafted with precision and care, this hypoallergenic fusion powder is designed to provide unrivaled strength and durability to your hair extensions. Perfect for creating tiny, invisible connections. Say goodbye to worries about weak bonds and say hello to a long-lasting, flawless hair transformation.

Viola Italian keratin powder are made of the highest quality keratin glue, the best choice for re applying pre bonded hair extensions.

Instead of buying a new set of hair extensions, you can easily refit the same hair just with new tips time and time again. This will save you hundreds if not thousands every year, all of Viola’s professional hair extensions have a guarantee of 190 days and will last over a year with the right care and attention.

Material: Italian Keratin Powder
Colours: Black, Dark Brown, Brown, Transparent
Weight: 30g per jar
Melting temperature 180 °C
How to use:
Place one heated end of the Fusion Tool into the Keratin Powder jar. The glue will adhere to the tip via heat. Apply adhesive to the extension bond as needed for reapplication or reuse.
For applying Viola :


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