#1 Jet Black Micro Ring Hair Extensions

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Microring hair extensions offer a seamless and secure way to enhance your hair's volume and length without harsh adhesives or weaves. These I-tip extensions are ideal for those seeking a durable and low-maintenance solution to achieve fuller, longer hair. The micro rings ensure that your natural hair remains undamaged, promoting healthy growth.

Perfect Shade of Jet Black

The #1 Jet Black shade of these black micro ring hair extensions is deep and vivid, providing a luxurious, intense colour that blends naturally with your existing hair. This classic colour is perfect for achieving a bold, striking look that complements any style or occasion.

Care and Maintenance

Maintaining these extensions is straightforward. Regular brushing with a soft bristle brush and using sulphate-free shampoos can keep them looking their best. It’s important to avoid over-washing and to use conditioners and heat protectants to preserve the keratin tips and prevent tangling.

Reliable and Versatile Application

Viola micro ring hair extensions, also known as I-tip or stick-tip hair extensions, have slim keratin tips that can be applied with beads or heat. You have the choice of Micro Rings, Copper tubes, or Silicone-Lined Copper tubes to squeeze the tips into natural hair. Because of the keratin tips, you can also apply them with heat, which can be used with Rebonds, Glue sticks, or Shrinkies.


WEIGHTS: 0.8g and 1g strands

QUANTITY: 25 strands per pack - 0.8g is 20g a bundle & 1g is 25g a bundle.

MATERIAL: 100% human hair, Remy, cuticle correct

STYLE: Straight 


Viola Hair Extensions offer 190 Days Quality Guaranteed, the longest in the UK! This is when purchased with Viola Warranty package, which has been specially designed to make sure you get the very best performance from your extensions.

It has been proven with the correct fitting, aftercare, regular maintenance and along with Violas specially formulated aftercare products, our hair will last even longer than 190 days! 360 days or more!

For more details please check the Aftercare & 190 Days Quality Guarantee terms.

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