#T8M8/60B Latte Macchiato Pre-bonded Hair Extensions

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Viola pre-bonded hair extensions that are applied by heating the keratin tip and gently moulded around the hair to form a fully sealed secured bond.

Apply with use of Viola heat fusion iron, protect the client and yourself with Viola scalp protection shields and finger protectors.

Remove with the help of Viola Solvent bond remover and crushing pliers, reapply with rebonds or glue sticks to be used time and time again.


WEIGHTS:  1g strands

QUANTITY: 25 strands per pack - 1g is 25g a bundle.

MATERIAL: 100% human hair, Remy, cuticle correct

STYLE: Straight 


Viola Hair Extensions offer 190 Days Quality Guaranteed, the longest in the UK! This is when purchased with Viola Warranty package, which has been specially designed to make sure you get the very best performance from your extensions.

It has been proven with the correct fitting, aftercare, regular maintenance and along with Violas specially formulated aftercare products, our hair will last even longer than 190 days! 360 days or more!

For more details please check the Aftercare & 190 Days Quality Guarantee terms

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