Loop Brush


Viola Loop brush is stylish, lightweight and specially designed for hair extensions as the soft, looped bristles are perfect at preventing snagging on the bonds and beads.

To ensure the extensions and the natural hair does not become damaged over time it is so important to use the best brush for hair extensions. Using the wrong brush will pull out not only the bonds of the hair extensions but also the natural hair from the root.

Viola hair extensions have detailed aftercare guidelines to ensure that the client and the extensionist have all the information to make sure that our hair is correctly cared for. It is proven that Viola professional hair extensions will last 190 days if not longer, even over a year with the right hair care products and brushes used along with regular maintenance.

Extensions care is in-depth and you need to make sure yourself or your client has the right tools to help avoid pulling and matting by owning the correct hair extensions hair brush.

On our online shop not only do we sell the best human hair extensions in the UK but also all the tools on one website to order and buy with excellent delivery options.



24CM (9.5")





For use

All hair extensions methods

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