#M7/16V New York Smoke Secret Tape In Hair Extensions

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New York smoke secret tape in hair extensions: The essence of urban sophistication

Introducing our New York Smoke Secret Tape In Hair Extensions, the ultimate accessory for those who wish to encapsulate the sleek, cosmopolitan vibe of the city that never sleeps. Perfect for any occasion, from pivotal business meetings to the vibrant nightlife of urban explorations, these extensions provide a seamless blend with your natural hair. Thanks to our innovative secret tape technology, you can enjoy added length and volume, achieving a look that mirrors the mysterious allure of New York's smoky evenings, all while maintaining an undetectable connection with your natural locks.

Weaving the energy of the metropolis into your hair

Our New York Smoke extensions are inspired by the city's dynamic pulse, designed to integrate effortlessly with your hair, bringing forth a palette that captures the cool, sophisticated essence of urban life. This seamless amalgamation guarantees a look that's both contemporary and timelessly chic, enhancing your hairstyle with a subtle, yet profound transformation. The application process is both swift and straightforward, ideal for the modern woman who values efficiency alongside unparalleled elegance, offering a cosmopolitan upgrade for those who command attention.

Embodying the chic of city lights

Opting for our New York Smoke hair extensions is akin to draping your mane in the elegance and mystery of the city's nightscape. Each set comes with high-quality, replaceable adhesive tapes, ensuring a secure and comfortable wear that remains completely inconspicuous. To fully embrace the sophisticated effect of the New York Smoke, around 50 tapes (or 25 sandwiches) are recommended. This ensures a transformation that is not only visually captivating but deeply imbued with the natural beauty of understated glamour.

Step into the allure of New York Smoke

Embrace a transformation that transcends mere fashion with our New York Smoke Secret Tape In Hair Extensions. This choice is more than a style update; it's an ode to the fast-paced, ever-evolving spirit of New York, a commitment to embodying the city's indefinable charm and sophistication.

Order now and unlock the seductive elegance of New York Smoke, where every strand tells a story of refined urbanity, inviting you to become a part of the city's legendary allure.


WEIGHTS:  2.5g, 2.75g per piece

QUANTITY: 10 pieces per pack – 2.5g is 25g a bundle, 2.75g is 27.5g a bundle

MATERIAL: 100% human hair, Remy, cuticle correct

STYLE: Straight 


190 days’ quality guarantee

At Viola hair extensions with all our professional hair extensions we offer the longest guarantee in the UK of a huge 190 days! Although, with the right care, the hair will last over a year.

Cover your hair extensions under our guarantee by;

  • Purchasing the amazing warranty set – includes tried and tested products to ensure to get the very best results
  • Aftercare advice booklet has been read, signed and followed very closely (added to each order of hair extensions)
  • Extensions are applied by a qualified hair extensionist in correct method.
  • Regular maintenance attended with Viola tape tabs used.

For full details please read Viola terms.


If you wish to return the secret tape-in hair extensions for an exchange or a refund the hair must remain unused, in the original packaging and include the tape tabs sent. If the tapes are not returned with the hair the cost for the tabs will be deducted from the refund or exchange.

For full details please read the terms and conditions of the return

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