#T8M8/60B Latte Macchiato Secret Tape In Hair Extensions

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Hazelnut latte secret tape in hair extensions: The epitome of subtle refinement

Introducing Hazelnut Latte Secret Tape In Hair Extensions, where the rich, earthy tones of hazelnut merge effortlessly with the creamy accents of latte, creating a hair enhancement solution that embodies subtle refinement and sophisticated depth. Ideal for those seeking a natural yet pronounced transformation, these extensions are perfectly suited for any setting, from the formality of a business conference to the casual elegance of a social gathering or the comforting atmosphere of family celebrations.

Seamless beauty with secret tape integration

At the core of the Hazelnut Latte Secret Tape In Hair Extensions lies the innovative application method that ensures a flawless blend with your natural hair. Applied so as to mimic hair growing naturally from your scalp, these extensions offer an impressively natural look that is both striking and discreet. This approach is designed for the discerning individual, looking to enhance their appearance without the overt signs of artificial extensions. Quick and easy to apply, these extensions redefine convenience, providing a beautiful, transformative look in record time.

A pledge to elegance and hair health

Opting for Hazelnut Latte Secret Tape In Hair Extensions is a declaration of your commitment to both elegance and the health of your natural hair. Equipped with specially formulated adhesive tapes that ensure a secure yet gentle bond, these extensions are a testament to the philosophy that beauty should not compromise health. To achieve the full, rich look of hazelnut latte tones, it is recommended to use slightly more than the standard 50 tapes (25 sandwiches), ensuring a lush and voluminous finish.

A new standard in hair aesthetics

Hazelnut Latte Secret Tape In Hair Extensions do not merely alter your hair's appearance; they elevate your entire aesthetic, allowing you to embody a style that is as refined as it is natural. By integrating these extensions into your style regimen, you adopt a sophisticated colour palette that enhances your natural beauty and conveys a message of refined taste and understated elegance. We invite you to unlock the potential of Hazelnut Latte Secret Tape In Hair Extensions, to explore the transformative effects they can have on your style, and to experience the superior quality and craftsmanship that Viola Hair Extensions is known for.

Order now, and embark on a journey of transformation that infuses your hair with the deep, rich tones of hazelnut latte, meticulously designed to enhance your natural beauty and showcase your commitment to sophisticated, healthy hair aesthetics. 


Why choose Tape in hair extensions?

Incredibly fast and secure method of applying hair extensions in even under an hour! Just apply the tape tab to the extension sandwich the natural between two extensions and squeeze together with Viola tape-in pliers. To remove spray the tape extension remover to the tape tabs leave for a few moments and gently peel away. Then wash all the hair and reapply with Viola white tape tapes.

At Viola Hair Extensions to guarantee the stickiness and strength of the tapes, we supply the tabs separately with each pack of Secret Tape-in Hair Extensions, this is included in the tape in extensions cost.


WEIGHTS:  2.5g, 2.75g, 3g per piece

QUANTITY: 10 pieces per pack – 2.5g is 25g a bundle, 2.75g is 27.5g a bundle & 3g is 30g a bundle.

MATERIAL: 100% human hair, Remy, cuticle correct

STYLE: Straight 


190 days’ quality guarantee

At Viola we offer the longest guarantee in the UK for all our professional hair extensions of a huge 190 days! Although, with the right care, the hair will last even over a year.

How to cover your tape-in extensions in the warranty;

  • Buy and use the Viola warranty set – includes the best products for the finest results
  • Aftercare advice booklet is read, signed and followed closely (this is added to each order of hair extensions)
  • Tape Extensions are applied by a qualified tape-in extensionist.
  • Regular maintenance attended with Viola tape tabs used.

For full details please read Viola terms.


If you wish to return the tape-in hair extensions for an exchange or a refund the hair must remain unused, in the original packaging and include the tape tabs sent. If the tapes are not returned with the hair the cost for the tabs will be deducted from the refund or exchange.

For full details please read the terms and conditions of the return

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