Viola Hair Hanger



Viola Hair Extensions have an exciting new product perfect for keeping Clip-inseamless clip-inPonytail or even Weft extensions safe in one place. Also, the ideal tool to display your Viola hair pieces in Salon attracting new clients.

Viola stylish satin white hanger has our logo etched into the wooden frame that is designed to gently press and hold hair into place, with a secure locking system.

The Viola hanger allows for careful and tangle-free storage of your hair extensions. It can also be used for drying all types of hair extensions after washing.

Caring for hair pieces

The when the hair piece is not being worn it is important that the hair is stored out of direct sunlight. This can bleach the hair and cause it to become dry and brittle, a reason why hanging the hair inside your wardrobe is the ideal place.

Suitable for both home and salon use.

SIZE  23CM (9") X 17CM (7") APPROX
For use

All hair extensions methods

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